chastity belt 

Cute 18-year old Emma Evans is definitely in need of some chastity gear! She probably wouldn’t agree, but look at how naughty she is, touching herself all the time! Emma just loves masturbating a bit too much, and I think it is time for her to become a Chastity Babe, so she can learn about control (and frustration).
It would have to be full chastity though, because Emma can even orgasm from touching her nipples. She usually climaxes at least three or four times, and she does so several times a day! You can imagine how frustrating it would be not to have access to her own body. I will be holding the keys for this 4-hour Casting and Emma will get a feel of how it will be once she is in the full chastity outfit. Chastity belt, chastity bra, and collar of course.
I expected Emma to hate every minute of the Casting, but she was very intrigued and I think she would like to try a longer Deal, just to challenge herself! Emma doesn’t speak much English, but I am sure I can work something out with her. Her Deal would have to include a lot of Challenges and distractions to keep her busy, do you have any suggestions?


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  1. Nice! Emma Evans looks fantastic as a chastity babes. Very cute, petite, tiny, and fragile. Looks good in chastity as well. Nice!

  2. Emma, you look so sexy in this. I know it’s frustrating but men – and women all over the world will enjoy seeing you all horny and denied. Come back for more please. Happy world women’s day from Germany!

  3. Muhammed Çiftci says:

    Very beautiful. All women should be put in chastity belts on Women’s Day. So that they can feel safe and protected.

    Ukrainian girls are very beautiful. And I think many of them would be thankful for an offer to stay in chastity mansion.

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