chastity belt 

WalesYes, Sam did it! She went to the station, walked around in public, and took TWO trains! All this in a very very tight chastity belt and thigh bands. Her long skirt was hiding the thigh bands, but the sound couldn’t be hidden. And Sam was told to flash her belt and thigh bands as often as she could. Many people must have suspected something, because of the rattling sound, and the way she was walking, but of course… no one said anything.
As soon as she went outside, she was already spotted by a neighbor. Walking down the stairs wasn’t easy in thigh bands, and she felt everybody was looking at her. At the station, she tried to sit down in the little waiting area, but her skirt would creep up and she couldn’t really sit the way she was used to (because of the belt and because the thigh bands kept her legs together). When the train finally came, Sam tried to find a spot where no one could see her. It was hard to hide all this chastity stuff in a public place! Also, the photographer had made her wear a locked chain on her waist. Even if people probably didn’t know what that meant, she felt really conscious about the whole thing.
After the first train, Sam and the photographer took a short walk before boarding a second train. Now Sam was getting a bit more confident, flashing her thigh bands and her belt to the camera, almost revealing herself to the ticket inspector guy. Sam was very tense during this entire experience, but she really loved the excitement of going public with her chastity gear! Let’s hope we will see her back in the future for more exciting adventures!

Oh no, it’s update number 666! Don’t worry, it’s not evil…
(well, maybe a little).

8 comment(s) to “Sam – thigh bands on the train”

  1. Nor are the numbers on either of those trains I hope

  2. She’s gorgeous. I really like her look (and the fact that she wears a chastity belt of course)

  3. She is VERY brave, Well done Sam.
    More challenges Like this please.
    Hope to see more of you

  4. Well done, Sam.

    Hope to see more of you and you growing more confident, maybe even giving a smile to us :)

  5. Mike the Director says:

    Our very own brave Welsh Dragon!

  6. LoveSteel says:

    Sam is a brave girl. Chapeau! Next item to be added a shiny bra?

  7. zombie rotten mcdonald says:

    I loved watching Sam walking through stairs and trains with thigh restrains. I have had some restriction in my walking and balance, and I felt like I understood exactly what she was going through, always needing a handrail. But it was also sexy knowing it was due to steel underneath her clothes!

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