chastity belt 

WalesIn Wales, Sam had been belted in a very tight rigid belt. The belt was locked with a blue numbered seal and she would have to stay in this belt for 24 hours if she wanted her prize money.
Sam had been asking for such a Deal for a long time, but now the time had come, she was a bit intimidated by the belting process. The photographer felt she was very nervous, so he agreed when she asked if she could go outside for a smoke. After she calmed down a bit, he interviewed her about the day to come, and asked her how she felt about being locked in this perfectly fitting belt. Sam said it felt like a body corset, with the belt being so tight at her waist. It was hard for her to sit down, but she managed. The photographer talked to her for a while, and Sam seemed to be more calm. She was turning around and flashing the belt to the camera, ‘ready to take on the world’ as the photographer put it.
So, after her smoke, Sam went back inside to get changed into something she could go out in. It would be an adventure, going outdoors in this tight belt, but Sam was determined to see the end of the Chastity Deal. She had started it now, so she was going to finish it! She didn’t know there were some interesting Challenges ahead of her!

4 comment(s) to “Sam – a smoke after belting”

  1. Sam should be punished for smoking, it’s bad for her health! Handcuff her to the belt next time!

  2. Yeah, I agree, no smoking!!

  3. I don’t really like the idea of the numbered seal. To me, it almost defeats the purpose of having a metal chastity belt on. The point is to be securely locked in it so there is nothing you can do to get it off (or get any kind of pleasure) without the key. The photographer could easily unlock her if there was a real emergency.

  4. james smith says:

    yes hand cuff her to the belt and double plug her strip her naked and put chastity bra on.

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