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WalesA photographer friend from Wales told me about a local girl, Sam, who had been asking about a Chastity Deal for a long time. She had seen the belt he bought off me many years ago, a very small prototype belt, and she was always curious about it. So I offered them a chance to make some money. If the photographer could keep Sam in that belt for 24 hours, there would be a cash prize!
It would be a hard Challenge, because the belt is very tight. Also, the photographer has a pair of thigh bands (to add later in the Challenge), numbered seals instead of padlocks, and one of my Chastity Deal contracts. So Sam was up for the real Deal. Either she would complete the 24 hours and get her money, or give up and get nothing. I made sure the photographer would make it an eventful day, Sam would have to go out in public, and actually do things (not just wait around the house in her belt). Even though the weather in Wales is probably not the best to do outdoor Challenges… but I guess they are both used to that because they live there.
Sam is a young curious girl with a slim body, and the belt looks amazing on her! This update shows her interview and her belting. She was a bit hesitant and the belt was tighter than she expected, but Sam will be fine. I think it is interesting to see other people film Chastity Deals in different countries. If you know a girl (or better yet: if you are a girl) who wants to do a remote Chastity Deal, just write me! It’s become a little bit harder for me to send over free stuff, but it’s still possible!

6 comment(s) to “Sam – 24 hour Challenge in Wales”

  1. That is one ironic ass shirt, just gonna say

  2. Chastity lover says:

    Too bad I wasn’t a girl I would totally want to be in a belt but alas I am a guy :( but I always like the girls having to do challenges I like that i wish it was more than 24 hrs like maybe more like 1 month or so. But she is going to be begging to get out in 24 hrs !!!

    • LoveSteel says:

      Cheer up, there are belts for boys too. You can order one, put it on, and give the key to someone for safe keeping. Problem solved. And if you have a girlfriend you maybe could participate in a couple deal. You can have a cool time spending more time in the belt than you maybe like… :)

  3. cool girl, nice shirt, so much fun to see her locked up… yet again: I personally don’t like the: “Wear a belt and do things”- scenario. I’d prefer a: “Do these things or we won’t release you” scenario

    • LoveSteel says:

      Would be fun when deals can be extended in time, maybe some kind of execution where you will be released or have to spend some more time in the belt. The duration will be less defined.

      Good challenge would be promote the belt and only when you get three others to wear a belt at the same time without access to the keys you might be released. The three others have to the the same for their release. Anyone who has participated before can do so again. This is a lot of fun and a challenge to find more people willing to be locked in CB. Love it!

      • LoveSteel says:

        Small correction. Any one who has participated being locked in en belt can participate again. But this does not count for finding three people to be released yourself. Everyone has to find three new people to be locked in a belt for at least a week. The number of people locked in a belt should be growing of course and the time spend in a belt should also increase.

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