Many people have asked me to do a remote Chastity Deal in exchange for chastity gear. I can no longer do this, because I have been scammed too many times now.

I sent Nora Rausch and Michael Sheppard from Michigan two chastity belts (in JULY 2016!) in exchange for video of their chastity couple experience to be published on this website, because they emailed me they really wanted to do such a Deal. After receiving the belts, they never wrote me back, nor did they send me any video clips. I have tried for a year to contact them, but other than a few vague emails they have never held up their end of the deal or paid me for the belts. This has ruined opportunities for other girls and couples looking for this Deal, as I can no longer send out belts to people in good trust.
It is a shame it has come to this, and I am sad there are people in this world taking advantage of trust and good intentions. Watch out for these people!

If you want to do a remote Chastity Deal, you can still write me about the possibilities. I can no longer send free stuff in advance, but we can certainly work out a Deal.