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Girls from all over the world email me to do a Casting or a Chastity Deal contract! This tiny (smallest waist ever) girl is called Liane. She is just so stunning!! Perfect body, cute, and really into bondage and submission. Where do I find these girls! Well, they find me… somehow…
I had to resize a belt to a smaller size than ever before. Liana has a 56cm waist!! The belt was sized at 54cm! That is just incredible, because it is smaller than Davon! Why is the belt smaller than her waist? Well, it always needs to be a little bit smaller to make it very tight so it can’t move down (if a belt can move down a girl can get her fingers under it, and that defeats the whole point of a chastity belt).
But first, I asked Liane to undress. She was a bit nervous, but she did it. Wow, what a body! Download the picture set to see her strip off her clothes, you will not be disappointed. I just felt she needed a super heavy collar. Even though she was very tiny and nervous, I just thought the weight of the collar would let distract her and it would look great on her. It worked, although Liane clearly needed to get used to this thick metal band around her neck.
Then it was time to belt her. The super tiny belt was a perfect tight fit on her, and once locked, there was no way she could touch herself. The Casting wasn’t over though… she signed a 4 hour contract, so she would have to spend some time in my studio. A perfect opportunity to film her with a static camera to see what she would try after I left her alone. I chained her collar to the bed with a heavy chain though, so she wouldn’t move out of the frame.
I think I may have found a new talent! Liane is just so perfect in her belt, it was a real shame to let her go after the Casting. She needs to come back for a long deal. Or possibly move to Holland (into my studio preferably) to be a 24/7 belted sub!


6 comment(s) to “Liane – 4 hour Casting”

  1. Cute girl, too short deal.

    It would be really interesting to see a black (and beatiful) girl really needy and frustrated..

  2. XeroDivide says:

    She looks absolutely stunning. The collar and belt contrast amazing against her darker skin and fit her body so well. The belt looks perfect on her. Would totally enjoy seeing her in a longer challenge.

  3. Topp! Nice to see more of this girl

  4. She is beautiful. Gorgeous, glowing skin and a perfect hourglass figure. She looks exotic and sexy in that collar, well done. Work with her and get her back for a lengthy stay! We really need to see her prancing around in a sheer negligee and stilettos, and sharing a kiss with Anahi or one of your other models.

  5. MY EYES! MY EYES!! I HAVE BEEN BLINDED!!! Please someone help me!!!!
    It looks like I just saw mechele ob/sama!! I have been blinded!!

  6. Robbedoes101 says:

    now htat’s a sight to behold…

    Lovely pictures and video

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