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English dialogueRemember Davon Kim? This Philippine girl really made a career for herself in the Netherlands! She is now a receptionist at a 5 star hotel in Amsterdam! Unfortunately, disaster struck her… she is a very hard working girl who loves to help and serve people, but she forgot to send in some critical documents (because she did not understand them fully), and after a few months of legal battles, she lost her work permit!
Davon is not allowed to work in the Netherlands anymore, she can not find a place to live (because she does not have proof of income) and she will be forced to go back to the Philippines if she can not find any other options. I felt so sorry for her, she is a very sweet girl! A strange solution occurred to me: what if she would sign herself to be a permanent chastity slave girl, in exchange for food and a place to stay? Just like the usual Chastity Deal, but in this case, when she gives up, she will have to go back to the Philippines. The highest stakes ever in a chastity contract I think!
Davon eagerly accepted, she is out of options, and she knows it. I made sure the contract included some extras because she couldn’t say no anyway. She will ALWAYS be in a chastity belt. Plugs can be added when I want. Davon will be in heavy metal wrist cuffs and a super heavy collar at all times, to remind her of her position. And last but not least: she will not lounge around like other Chastity Babes, she will have to work! Cleaning especially, but cooking, bringing drinks, and much more. She will work in the studio mainly, taking care of guests, and she will be available for custom shoots for fans, member requests, and even meet and greets where she will serve YOU.
Watch this week’s update where Davon transforms into a chastity slave girl. She is told to take off her receptionist clothes for the last time, and put them in a box. She is then locked in a chastity belt, heavy manacles so I can easily attach her to something whenever I want, and a super heavy collar which will take a long time to get used to (probably no sleep for the first few nights). Amazingly, Davon seems to already naturally assume a submissive position with her arms folded behind her back, without me even telling her! She is so beautiful and tiny, I had to make the belt extremely small, and find very small wrist cuffs and a collar. But she looks amazing!
If any of this feels opportunist and even racist to you, feel free to discuss below, because I know such discussions will arise. I have always wanted an Asian chastity slave girl, and I am not afraid to admit that. She is free to leave at any time. I am sure there are a lot of men who would love to be in my position and a lot of girls who imagine themselves in Davon’s position. Nothing wrong with that. And I’m nice, I won’t be cruel, and there are no sexual services involved. A win for everyone!


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  1. Won’t you two be having lots of fun…(Well mostly you)? I’m sure the collar, manacles and even the belt will see plenty of use.

    Plugging at will you say? That must drive her nuts like it did Natalia. Though I have no idea what size of plug she’s used to…

  2. Is that really true about Davon Kim losing her work permit? I hope she’s a tough girl that will enjoy her chastity belt. :-( Since Davon is nice lady, can you promise your fans Davon has comfortable bed to sleep in and tasty food (not dog food) to eat?

  3. Yes these Deals seem to work best with desperate girls ;)

  4. Donnafan says:

    Omg u gotta to one of the luckiest man alive, what a trade off. Treath her nice, there’s notthing more sexy than a girl that have to stay chaste for for her own well beeing. Watch that cute neck of her the collar might be to harsh wouldnt it be better to find her a bit smaller that dont become a problem. Agree with wendy u should find her a comfy steel braa. Just make sure she can sleep good at night we dont want sleepless night because pain tho frustration is ok :) . Are u gonna make her the first permanent chastitybabe i once read that a woman named corrie russel made her belt a permanent one u can buy a lock that permanent. I would like to see the reaction of a girl that gets permanent lock, that cant be opent without special tools.

    • Donnafan says:

      well i agree padlocks are exciting but, we are spoiled and used to see them by now :) Also i am hopeing if he adds bra that they have the bra to belt links, i dont know but i really allways think something is missing when theres a bra but no links.

      • LoveSteel says:

        I fully agree that a lock that needs a unique key has much more magic than a hex screw. Any one can undo a hex screw and tools are available everywhere. But when a lock cannot be opened without the right key that created an excited feeling. You cannot go to some shop and buy a key. And when the key is not there you are pretty safe or in trouble.

  5. LoveSteel says:

    I also support the request for the famous steel bra. It looks so good!

  6. David Sellmon says:

    Please let her go outside a few times, if she wants to, in all her cuffs and her collar :3

  7. All this sounds very interesting and even promising. And I believe you, you will treat her well.

    But be careful about the legal aspects. Don’t risk this lovely site of yours by ’employing’ someone without a work permit. And she has some legal rights as well. If she has to work for you, you will have to pay her. ‘Slavery’ is no option, if I may say so. Even if the whole thing seems to be fun right now. Help her to get her papers right again! And give her a big hug from me!!

  8. Wow, You’re one of the luckiest guy in the world, And Davon Kim is one of the bravest girl. Is there any chance, that she gets a blog, as Donna? It would be interesting to know what she thinks about everyday life in chastity.

  9. Lol, you almost had me there. If this were real, you were in a hell of lot of trouble. Up to 10 years in prison for extortion :D :D :D

  10. David Sellmon says:

    Could you maybe put some rings into the wrist cuffs as well (like in the collar)? I love the tingling of a lot of O rings when the model moves around :3

  11. David Sellmon says:

    Also, I’d love too see some cuffs on her ankles like the ones she wears on her wrists, but with a long stick / needle extending toward the toes which forces her feet into a tip toe position, so her feet will be permanently stretched out, no matter if she wears heels or not (bed, shower).

    If this is not possible or there is not enough time to realize it, locking high heels which can only be removed for showering would do the job as well.

    Sorry for spamming this thread with so many comments, but there is the real time aspect of the deals, in the time until the second update gets released, you might have already shot another five or six so I try to get in the suggestions as soon as possible.

  12. She is gorgeous, and obviously not offended by her agreement.

    It is actually quite generous compared to what she could expect in some countries where immigration laws are harsh.

    I love the collar and wrist cuffs, as well as the stockings and heels. She really looks amazing.

    Keep her busy and well-disciplined! She knows she needs this….

  13. Donnafan says: i think she would have look astonning With these shoes. ofcourse padlocked so she know’s its not her choose to be a classy slave :)

  14. Michael says:

    If Davon Kim is locked in steel high heels, I hope she will be required to have red fingernails and red toenails at all times. Red toenails are SO sexy!

  15. I thought Davon was Korean

  16. Basil Blake says:

    Dear webmaster, I really appreciate your readiness to help Kim.

    You’re actually doing two favours for her: helping her to stay in the Netherlands and introducing her to the amazing world of permanent chastity :-) No one can accuse you of using compulsion or even blackmailing her because of that. It’s a pity that many people need some distinct impulsion to recognize how beautiful and joyful chastity is. I’m glad that you opened the gate of chaste lifestyle for Kim.

    I think you should provide her some delights to forget her bureaucratic troubles in the past. So, what about a session with remote vibrating panties??? ;-)

  17. WOW! Davon Kim is absolutely beautifully gorgeous! You really should consider getting a custom made chastity belt, with matching ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, collar and chastity bra along with the matching chains to link the entire outfit together. I think that it is personally wonderful to get Davon Kim who is without a doubt gorgeous and beautiful all at the same time. Furthermore, she should be treated as the future resident chastity babe queen that she should become. Furthermore, since she has such a wonderful body how about showing it off. Davon Kim has a tongue piercing and maybe you could convince her to get her perky, erect and hardened nipples PIERCED also. I think that a set of matching studs that are small enough to be seen but not large enough to get in the way of her new lifestyle. Yes, a matching set of nipple studs adorning her newly PIERCED nipples would look stunning upon Davon Kim’s wonderful body. Please bring back Davon Kim for some more wonderful looking shoots and please consider a custom made chastity ensemble for such a wonderful Filipina Lady. Nipple PIERCINGS would also be a stunning asset to such a gorgeous Chastity Babe Queen.

    • Basil Blake says:

      I like the artful look of Fancy Steel’s MAD. Let’s grant Kim some extraordinary design… :-)

  18. “WOW! Davon Kim is absolutely beautifully gorgeous!” – 110% Agree!!! New Donna has come! But.. why always the chastity bra & collar… why don’t practice some alteration?!

    – Corset or waist cincher
    – High heels… why don’t lock them for a while?
    – Nipple piercing?! Whoa… whoa. I would immediately donate ‘some’ pocket money to get her motivated for that!
    – We don’t want to push her too hard, either. We want her for long!

    And one more wicked idea. She’s already so beautiful in her receptionist outfit, so why don’t make her dress formally all time, in business style, even when wearing belt? However, her receptionist’s outfit is just a servant’s uniform. I agree, she could become the ‘Queen’ of your house, hosting other ‘ordinary’ girls in their loose jeans and their short deals. So, why don’t cloth her to business suit and to other clothes that express the power of authority, while still all the time, forcing her to wear the most submissive gear possible underneath – a chastity belt!

  19. Very interesting proposition… One question, though: What happened to Ting, Davon’s GF in the 1st two videos she did for you?

    What was her opinion on having her GF as a permanent chastity pet for your site?

  20. Is she Filipino cuz I’m Filipino

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