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Oops. A very big fail in the Chastity Deal with Natalia Forrest, right at the end of her weekend Deal. She was just waiting to be unbelted on the last day and as a little Challenge I cuffed her to the bed with two pairs of handcuffs. It was supposed to be fun, a quick little tease before she got released later that day, but I kind of forgot about her for a while.
It can’t have been more than an hour though (I hope). When I went upstairs again I heard Natalia sobbing on the bed. When she heard me she could only utter a very soft ‘hello?’. I immediately realized she was still cuffed to the bed and rushed in to unlock her. She was furious after I removed the handcuffs! In true Natalia style, she did not hold back, cursing and shouting at me. And she was right. It shouldn’t have happened. I got distracted.
Natalia was now panicking in a tight bra and belt. This gear was so tight on her waist and ribcage she started to freak out, breathing heavier and freaking out even more. I needed to calm her down, but she just wanted out of the chastity gear. I managed to calm her down (with some effort), explaining she would regret it if I released her now, only 3 hours from the end of her Chastity Deal. She wouldn’t get any money and she would have done almost 70 hours in chastity for nothing!
Finally she understood and she calmed down a bit. Then she tried to bargain with me, in a very clever way. She wanted to cut the remaining time in half, and get released in 1.5 hours instead. I refused, but she continued to beg and complain (and threatened to scream for the remainder of the Deal). She then proposed a deal of her own: if she wouldn’t complain or be loud (or say anything at all) for 1.5 hours, I would have to let her out. Reluctantly, I agreed. Because I made her cry and forgot about her, handcuffed to the bed. I felt too guilty, so I gave in.
When Natalia was finally unbelted, the marks of her belt and bra were so deep I could really feel them very well. She hadn’t been kidding or exaggerating: the gear had been really tight! But she made it! She now SWEARS she will NEVER do another Chastity Deal ever again! We’ve heard that before… the money is too good ;)

Please note: this was a mistake. Do NOT leave anyone alone in bondage at any moment. Always keep an eye on them.

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  1. Poor Natalia, but she sure does look hot in her chastity gear and cuffed to the bed…

  2. You’re too soft. Sure you forgot her an all that and you have every right to feel sorry.
    However, a person holding the keyes to somebody’s chastity gear should never and under no circumstances take complaints or worse insults from the person they have under lock and key. Complaints should always resut in a prolonged time in chastity, wheras an insult should always and automatically double the time the person has to spend in chastity AND some aditional punishment.
    You instead rewarded her insurgent behavior and taught her that complaining can get her anywhere. You did this out of a weak sentiment of remorse and compassion… I am speachless

  3. Isn’t this the plot to a Stephen King book? I would swear it is

  4. Cuffing Natalia in full chastity gear to a bed and forget her I would call this a happy accident. At least she had all the time to think over the situation. How much fun you can have with two pairs of handcuffs while in chastity. Natalia looks happy although she doesn’t realize it. Compliments to the webmaster and to Natalia who has survived her ordeal.

  5. her crying and begging seem to have saved her once more…; next time she should be locked in a belt and bra with addition of a Martin rigid collar with attached chain, enough length for movement in bedroom and no less

  6. bickering should not lead to freedom. Ok, maybe this time…

    But there should definitelly be some anti-complaining training with Natalia. Operant conditioning reinforcement and punishment…

  7. “She now SWEARS she will NEVER do another Chastity Deal ever again!” Please! Natalia come back soon!!!

  8. Natalia Forrest is my absolute favorite chastity babe.

  9. Maybe it is a good idea to keep the keys locked behind a time lock that cannot be opened earlier than the time set (google for kSafe). So no more weak moments when a babe wants early release. She really has to sit it out until the safe opens. Also fun, additional time can always be added before it opens. This kSafe really is fun to use. You can use several to keep all kinds of keys to devices safe.

  10. Natalia is beautiful. Stunning, really. But oh my goodness, what a brat. Next time, put her in a gag. She needs to be seen and NOT heard!

    She always wants the money but doesn’t want to play by the rules. A good spanking and some corner time kneeling on rice would straighten her out.

    THANKS for bringing her back. She truly is a goddess. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect everything. But be tough on her! She is manipulative. She looks precious in those cuffs. Thanks for pushing her limits.

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