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Natalia Forrest wanted to have a go at being a keyholder. She was at my place anyway, still locked in her belt and bra, so I thought it might actually be a nice idea to see if she could be a good dominant. Natalia recorded this awesome video for you (the members) where she tells you to lock a male chastity device on and give her the keys.
Not surprisingly, she is amazing at being bossy! She knows how to make a guy put on a chastity device! Natalia talks about how she will keep the keys, and if you are not doing as you’re told, she will keep you in it for longer! She also throws in some small penis humiliation and teasing, like a professional dominatrix. She even scared me a little.
Natalia is a great Domme and keyholder. I bet a lot of you would not be able to resist her after seeing this video, and you would lock yourself in this steel device. Natalia is locked in a tight chastity belt and bra herself, and she tells you it is just so you can’t touch her. She has the keys to her own gear and she can unlock herself whenever she wants. Well, that’s not entirely true, because I took those keys away again after we recorded this video. I made a Chastity Deal with her, and she had to remain locked for much longer. Which was going to be a problem since the gear was very tight and Natalia was already complaining from the first (fitness) video we recorded. I bet she would prefer locking guys in chastity, but unfortunately for her that’s not what this website is about!

Note: If you are interested in really following Natalia’s instructions, you can buy the exact same device here:

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  1. Ilike the idea

  2. She needs more gear and chains

  3. Well… Looks like it’s time for me to rejoin.

    One thing that could be nice: how about three updates per week, with the third update being for “alternative” things that aren’t to everyone’s tastes? This kind of thing, couples deals, bringing back babygirl Emma, etc?

  4. I love this site ever since it first opened up. I love the females in chastity belts fetish. That being said, this site should be females in chastity belts only. I am sure the video is hot but I am very uneasy by the trickling of male chastity content. Keep the male chastity separate. There is plenty of material for fans of male chastity on the Internet. Chastitybabes is for the babes.

    • Don’t worry.

      With DanniDivine here some time ago, then I discovered a rarely debated aspect of female chastity: Power that it gives to women.

      Really. Dannil was the first girl that started to make me feel that the chastity belt she had was trying to prevent ME from entering her! And I was not the only commentator thinking that, see discussions

      Chastity belt can effectively trade out the possibility for males to force women to have a sex with them through their typically stronger physical strength. Let that sink in. Assuming that only the womens had the keys, it would be a terrible tease to have only belted womens around you all the time!

      And not to mention the fact, that virgin and chaste girls are commonly prefered as long-term partners throughout the world. Like the Donna. She’s semi-madonna. I’d bet that there has been thousands of men who have fantasied about being her first lover after her hundreds of days in chastity…
      …and who would be willing to give anything for that priviledge.

      Chastity can really GIVE POWER to the women!

  5. William where are you? This must be your best opportunity to meet Natalia!

  6. great idea, I offer volunteer.

  7. I offer volunteer too :)

  8. The way she was holding it against herself was funny. Hmmm… Natalie’s fantasy. Next chastity deal add-on… a ball-gag head harness please.

  9. It is too easy to pull out of a chastity cage. A real secure well fitted shiny steel chastity belt that is totally inescapable is much better.

    Like the idea of key holding. But cleaning breaks are necessary now and then.

  10. Also a great idea I think is that when Natalia holds the key the wearer of the matching belt may also add and lock anything he likes on Natalia and keep the keys for that device. That is more fun for both.

  11. I dont like Cages. I think they are not safe enough.
    I wear a Neosteel Hip Belt. I can say, they are safe.
    If Natalia wants my Key i will be her Denied Slave.
    Its a good Idea keyholding in Chastitybelt

  12. I’d like to be lock up by Nathalia.
    One thing … I can and want not want to be recognizable, but with a leather or rubber hood can that be solved. And maybe might MySteel have a nice solution.

  13. Wow, look at that box, I think we may have bought from the same buyer, because mine came with the same box!! Except different type of metal CB……..

    • Wouldn’t it be a manageable option to do an actual combined deal with both her and some guy locked up in a chastity cage/belt as well! I bet she would love to do that,probably also add additional gear and it’d be fun to watch for many ppl out there.

  14. hurricore says:

    oui pourquoi pas

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