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Dani Divine is definitely the most popular fetish model at the moment! She has an awesome amount of likes and followers on Facebook and Instagram, so she probably does not need an introduction.
Dani is a latex model, and she has never been locked in a chastity belt before. She is a dominant girl, so she prefers to lock others in chastity, but that’s not how it works here at I managed to get her in my studio for a Casting, and that meant she would have to be locked in a real chastity belt, keys taken away, no excuses. A Neosteel hip style belt turned out to be the perfect fit for her. Combined with her stunning latex outfit, the belt looked so amazing on her I almost forgot to take pictures. Dani definitely makes a chastity belt look good!
In fact, she still looked very dominant. Some girls just have such a strong attitude! She grabbed a flogger and started to pose for pictures and video. Don’t hesitate to join and download this update, it is amazing! Dani spotted a few male chastity devices and she grabbed the heaviest one. She said she would love to lock one of the members in it, rather than being locked in her NeoSteel herself. I don’t think Dani can be tamed, but I asked her if she would consider a 3-day Chastity Deal weekend in Holland. She said she would think about it. That’s hopeful!
I don’t think I have ever locked up such a powerful girl. Dani was amazing and we had a great day. I really hope she will come back for a Chastity Deal! It would be so great to spend a weekend with one of the most famous latex models locked in chastity. But I think I will have to watch out she doesn’t lock me up as well!
Please download and enjoy this update, it is definitely worth supporting my website to see more content like this in the near future!


13 comment(s) to “Dani Divine in chastity!”

  1. Michael says:

    The chastity belt probably makes Dani look and act more dominant because she thinks about bondage more than ever! Good choice locking up Dani.

    Look at those black stiletto fingernails. Those nails are good for a back scratching and tickle torture. All while being tied up. Plenty of guys would mind a good scratching or tickling while being under Dani’s control. :-)

    She’s a tough girl. Lock her up for a week.

  2. She looks like would have me down om my knees in no time, especially if she locked me in that heavy steel chastity cage. What brand is it by the way? It looks like a steel version of a CB6000.

    • It’s a super heavy steel cage. It is not a CB6000. It has extra plates as spacers. I don’t know the brand, but if anyone wants to buy this one (that Dani held in her hands), it is for sale!

      • MetalMan says:

        HAHA! You are afraid she will lock you in it!!

      • Well, I might be interested in buying it and keep her from locking you in it in the proces ;-)

        You say it has extra plates and spacers. Does that include also different sizes of lockpins? Do the rings come in different sizes too?

        • I think it is already sold :)

          • That was quick! Too bad for me.

          • LoveSteel says:

            Most certainly there will be someone willing to lend a heavy male CB cage specially for the webmaster. Much safer for all those girls also and they can take pictures too. :)

          • LoveSteel says:

            When you lend something you keep the ownership if you understand what I mean. As we all know keeping the keys when the device is applied properly is a lot of fun (evil).

  3. DonnaFan says:


    – Powerful girl, really. When I look the pictures of her having a male CB on her hand, I unintentionally imagined me being belted and denied, while her chastity belt having a dildo that pleases her, but prevents ME from having any changes with her… First time female chastity belt that feels dominant!

    – Get a longer deal. Resist the temptation of being locked up yourself; I would fall to her spell in no time. But hey, the MANkind really deserves to know, what happens when once in her life she CAN’T have things in her way. It’s your duty to find out, how such a tease acts when really sexually frustrated!

  4. I would love to see a few days of chastity / tease and denial erasing that dominant look on her face.

  5. She looks stunning! Hope you can convince her to come back.

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