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The three girls wanted to go to have a drink somewhere, because being in a remote Spanish villa locked in a chastity belt can be a little too much of the same every day. Rija, Nova, and Muriel got dressed and checked each other for belt visibility, as they would be going out in public.
Well, it is safe to say they did not really succeed in covering their belts. Rija was the only one who managed to find a dress. Nova found a dress too but it had an open back so her belt was clearly visible to anyone walking behind her. And Muriel.. well, she only found low shorts and a short top, so her belt would be fully visible! I don’t think she realized that when they got in the car.
Now, in case you didn’t know: a car ride in a chastity belt is one of the most difficult things to get used to. Car seats are not made for people wearing belts. Girls always complain about car rides when they are belted. They can’t sit straight, but the ride is forcing them to. The other problem is the bumpiness of riding in a car. Spanish roads near remote locations aren’t always the best. The girls felt every bump, curve, and stone. Rija warned the driver to drive very slowly, but even then the girls were yelping and shrieking at every bump. It turned out to be a very long drive for them. ‘We will never get used to this!’, Rija sighed.
But if you watch the video closely, you can see the girls reactions to the bumpy ride aren’t always because of their discomfort. They seem to actually enjoy it at times, especially Muriel can’t hide her smile at the feeling of her tight belt riding up in her crotch. Moving further and further away from the keys (which were still with the landlord in the villa of course), the girls started to wonder what they had gotten themselves into. What would people in the town think? Would they be able to go into a bar like this? What if they needed to pee!

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  1. Nice update! The reality of using chastity belt 24/7.

  2. Great update. This is the second hardest thing to get used to wearing a chastity belt. And driving is even worse.

  3. Hola, chicas! You know what would be most frustrating? If they met a hot guy in town making them extra horny.

  4. a good way to test their stamina…

  5. avenue17 says:

    It was and with me.

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