chastity belt 

After all their hard work and bondage ordeals, the girls were finally allowed to have their time in the sun! Rija, Nova, and Muriel were so excited to relax in the sun! Finally!!!
Released from their harsh (and hot) metal bondage gear, they were allowed to go down to the swimming pool area and have a break. Of course, they chastity belts did not come off, that was part of the Chastity Deal. But the girls didn’t care. They were quite used to the belts now, and they even thought it would be very funny to have some odd tan lines after this holiday.
They brought their drinks and their smokes, and they rubbed each other with sun screen (very important). It seemed they were in a great mood! Maybe it’s a good trick to put girls in bondage gear for the first part of a Chastity Deal, so they don’t focus on the discomfort of the belt and they will feel ‘free’ after the bondage part is over, even though they are still belted.
I am a bit jealous I wasn’t there to celebrate with them, but the Spanish landlord did a great job of documenting the Deal. I think it is especially exciting for our German members, who can secretly listen in on the conversations the girls are having at the pool side.
Enjoy this relaxed video (with a cocktail maybe) and stay tuned for more crazy chastity adventures in Spain!


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  1. Nice update and I think webmaster has right. It´s good trick to put girls in bondage gear and chastity belt and after some time make them “free”…

  2. LoveSteel says:

    Even better when they are released from their bondage gear the nice shiny steel bra is added to compensate.

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