chastity belt 

Lauren really hates chastity belts, and I appreciate her honesty. When I ask her ‘how are you feeling?’, she will simply say ‘horrible’, and when I ask her if she likes chastity belts she will tell me she hates them. She’s real! And her struggles are real too.
Maybe she hates chastity belts because I always lock her into a super tight belt. In fact, Lauren probably gets the tightest belts here on It’s just a coincidence really. She has a perfect body, but she is tall, so the crotch parts of most belts are pulled very tight on Lauren, causing the waist belt to dig into her hips. She was perfect for the NoSteel plastic prototype, and she is perfect for the NeoSteel chain belt. Well, Lauren doesn’t think so because she can hardly stand up straight when she is locked into the NeoSteel.
So I gave her a chance to let herself out! I put the key in a big wooden trunk and locked it with a 4-digit combination padlock. All she had to do is find the right combination! I put my camera on a tripod and left her to it. Lauren was extremely frustrated at this point so she didn’t really have a lot of patience to fiddle with the tiny numbers on the lock. Still, she would have to gather her calm and find the combination (also because I don’t have a spare key for this belt). The tight belt was bothering her, but she persevered! She spent about 90 minutes fiddling with the lock before finding the right combination. That was extremely fast and lucky, and I was really hoping she would be unlucky, especially since her method was kind of random. I think a 4-digit lock should take 4 hours to crack on average.
But credits to Lauren, she did it! I don’t think I can lock her into a belt again any time soon, but she loves to visit Holland and get a free stay at my place, so you never know!

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  1. LoveSteel says:

    With such a frustrated lady a steel bra would be perfect too. And of course all keys in different boxes each with their own lock. And it would be fun when the box opens there is a second box with a lime lock so she has to sit it out and deal with it.

  2. OmahaKing says:

    What was the combination (just curious)?

  3. The disadvantage of a combination locks is that they can be opened, if there is enough time and patience.

  4. S touto osobou bych se moc rád sešel osobně třeba u kávy.

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