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This is incredible!! A fan of this website actually made a custom chastity belt for me! Well, not for me of course, but for my lovely models! It is a prototype, but it is amazing already!
Why is it amazing? Well, the final version of this belt will be the first chastity belt without any metal parts! This means you can safely send your girlfriend or wife on a foreign trip (by airplane) and she will not get stopped at security (which is always embarassing). Made from medical grade white plastic, this prototype does still have a few tiny metal parts, but they will be gone in the final version. It is super light weight, and it currently locks using a Segufix medical magnetic lock. The locking system will change obviously (because it contains metal and it is not secure).
Prototypes need to be tested, I wanted to see how the belt fits and if there would be any issues. This is the perfect opportunity for a Casting with a girl who has been waiting for a long time to be on this website: the beautiful Lauren!! I choose her because she has the perfect measurements for this belt! It looks so stunning on her and it is surprisingly effective! The big front shield is very tight and she could not get her fingers under it.
This is so great! You have to realise this was not made by a company or manufacturer, just a fan who loves this website and made this for us all to enjoy! He even put the logo on the waist belt! This might be the next big thing in chastity! NoSteel, remember that name!


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  1. NoSteel. Ha ha, I love that. Or call it a Segufix Chastity Belt, ;)
    Lauren is sexy in the belt. Nice red nail polish on you, too.

    I do wonder if the plastic belt will be more comfortable to wear, and maybe a bit more forgiving than metal.

  2. Great news! This will make smuggling of chastity belts a lot easier!

  3. Meister Peter says:

    This is fantastic news.
    This prototype looks very good and elegant.
    If he then also sure is … wow

    Best regards

  4. Finally!!!, a belt that not only looks amazing but is also effective, and can also be worn during an security check!.
    In one word WOW!!!
    Nosteel! the next best thing!!
    Looking forward to seeing the final prototype.

  5. Lord Potato says:

    Can I get a link to manufacturer’s website? How much do they cost?

  6. Well, most airport security in the US uses wave scanners now and not metal detectors, so it probably still won’t get through security without being noticed. If you sign up for TSA precheck you might be able to get away with it though!

  7. Basil Blake says:

    Finally an airport security compatible belt… :-) Will be very helpful for frequent travellers. Of course, it’s always a good idea to lock up female business travellers to cool down the temptations of experiencing foreign countries.

    It’s good that there is no more excuse for business women to stay unbelted. Furthermore: chaste female employees will always stay focused on their trip’s real purpose…

    • Mike the Director says:

      Sounds like the perfect underwear to be used in the request for a properly-dressed businesswoman to model a belt beneath a quality skirt-suit (or even a trouser-suit). She buttons her jacket, she attends meetings, she delivers presentations – all without hope of accessing her pleasure centre!

      Webmaster, I am sure that you have seen a number of North American businesswomen during your trip to the States (even in the relaxed atmosphere of western California). Hopefully you have some ideas for a future update?


    • Mike the Director says:


      Yes, I am acquainted with Athena’s experience 11 years ago!


    • No kids have to work a part time job and get their own

  8. This belt is probably more comfortable than a steel belt. But since plastic is far easier to cut than steel, i personally think that a lot of horny pussycats (and other horny women) will escape from their belts if this idea becomes reality.
    Thick(er) and heavy(er) belts/bras of pure steel is the answer, not plastic. And steel shines a lot better.

    Steel is the real deal. Say no to plastic! WOOOOF!!

    • I admit, I’m a bad guy! But all the horny pussycats (and other horny women) must be protected and pure. This can only be achieved with a steel belt. A plastic belt could only be used for modeling and display. I admit the NoSteel looks great, but it does not give enough protection. And beginners must learn the hard way, like all the models (who are new) on this site. No mercy for anyone!

  9. Very interesting concept, and a wonderful craftsmanship and great design.

    One thing that comes to mind though, how will it cope with body heat? Metal is a better heat conductor than plastic is and dissipates body heat easiy, so better keep an eye out for sweat accumulating below this belt.

    • private_lock says:

      Actually rigid plastic is OK. I’ve worn the Reinholds for quite some time, which is made of glas- and carbon-fibers glued in resin. Those trim bands don’t cover much skin and in the shower you can get water everywhere. In comparison the Latowski silicone inlay sticks to the skin … guess that’s why they build scuba diving masks of it.

  10. bondagesevilla says:

    WOW!! Really interesting. I would be really interested in buy one like this for my wife and another for myself.

    I hope the comercial production begins soon.

    • Basil Blake says:

      I don’t think that there is necessity for a male full chastity belt made of plastic. There are a lot of male plastic cages which all do a great job.

      I can assure: with my CB6000, it’s impossible to get an orgasm or even a full erection. In case of travelling, I simply replace the metal lock with a numbered plastic seal. My girlfriend always loves to check the serial number via online chat, so she can feel safe and secure, even when I am at the other end of the world…

      • Huh Basil I kinda doubt you can’t orgasm in a cage. Maybe it’s your body type? Have you touched you self with the cage or bounced and flexed with any rythm. Honestly did you want to orgasm?

      • young engineer says:

        I have had orgasms in a chastity cage after some time receiving oral sex, having my cage flexing the pc and being massaged until my diaphragm muscles flexed. It was hard to finish as the cage blocked part of my urethra. I gave short growls to the amusement of a female friend.

      • I think a male version would be great! Cages won’t work for us, they are just too hard to wear. A Nosteel style with a tight fitting cup so the fingers could not access and male parts were contained would be awesome. It could be worn for several days as it could be flushed with water for cleaning. Sign me up, we’ll purchase one.

  11. This website should have a competition for who can design the best plastic 3D printable chastity belt. After all, I can’t think of a better use for plastic 3D printers other than to make chastity belts and plugs that are fully customised for the wearer.

    Submissions could be posted up and members can vote on which is the best and what the prize should be.

    Maybe one day when metal 3D printers come down in price we could all print out our own metal chastity belts.

    But in terms of strength and inability to detect with a metal detector the best option would be to make chastity belts out of carbon fibre composites. They would be far more flexible around the body whilst at the same time stronger than steel.

  12. Well, a HeavyLine My-Steel belt on Vina would be great! (LOL) I only mean that if you agree on wearing a chastity belt you should try the real deal at once so you as fast as possible get to know what it’s like. You could try a leather or plastic belt, but i think it’s to easy! Some pain or discomfort must be involved, other wise it’s not for real!

    Take a look at Vina (specially today’s update) she is doing just fine. And if you are not of the “right stuff” you should not try this at all!

  13. This belt looks great!

    The medical grade plastic is very durable, and has been used is all sorts of stuff that require very strong material to be used, such as back and body braces, orthodontic braces, and other manufactured items.

    It is VERY hard to cut, but it is possible to cut it, so in the event of rape, or other bad situations, it will not offer the security of steel. However, to cut it, you would need a saw or very sharp industrial scissors. But with it being so close to the skin, both options to cut it would certainly pose the potential of harm to the wearer. The wearer would have a VERY hard time cutting it off themselves.

    But it is still a fantastic belt, and for the people that want chastity, and don’t like the weight of steel. It is secure for the person wearing it, but again, in the event of forced removal by another person, it would not hold up like steel would!

    I would like to see a NoSteel bra, also. I have always been partial to a bra that has actual steel/plastic shoulder straps, not chain. They can be found, it is just not usually seen very often! And I think that they are more secure than chain, which can be moved easily for cutting, or whatever.

    This belt, as others have said, would be great for beginners, or people that do not have the money for steel chastity! And I can attest that plastic does not shed the body heat very well, but due to the small nature of the belt itself, and that the vaginal opening has holes in it, heat shouldn’t be a problem. The full back brace I wear generates a lot of heat during wear, even with the holes in it for ventilation!

    Great job Webmaster and NoSteel! The belt is perfect on Lauren! And brand advertising on the belt will go a long ways to help make Chastity Babes even better, especially if the belt is produced for sale, with the Chastity Babes logo on it!!!


    • Also, 3D printers work with metal also, so the possibility that a chastity belt/bra being made of 3D printed metal is certainly out there! And it could be made form fitted to someone, if a 3D scanner is used to take measurements for the belt/bra.

      This is a wonderful concept to look into for the future!

  14. Thanks Wendy!

    I also cannot wait until you are well enough, and done with school, to model for! You are such a great commentator, and from the sounds of it, would be a great model!

    Hope that you get well soon!

  15. Greatcornbow says:

    Fantastic concept. Interesting to see how the non-metal locking system will work.

  16. Is there any chance of a male NoSteel belt being made?

    • Basil Blake says:

      I would also be keen to get some information about this. Contemporarily, I’m locked in a CB6000 (plastic, with metal look), but my GF / KH would love to try something different. However I’m still afraid of the weight of full metal belts. Maybe a nosteel male edition could be a perfect fit?

  17. turkishsub says:

    i want this one

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