chastity belt 

Natalia doesn’t remember how she ended up in prison. She is wearing an orange jumpsuit and her wrists are handcuffed in front of her. Natalia rattles the prison bars and starts yelling, but no one answers.

It looks like she will be here for a while. Even worse, she feels something restrictive and rigid under her jumpsuit. Panicking, she tries to take off her jumpsuit, but she can not take it off all the way because of her cuffs. It looks like there’s a metal belt around her waist!

After some time, a guard unlocks one of her handcuffs without saying a word. He leaves again. Natalia wastes no time in taking of the orange jumpsuit, revealing a tight chastity belt! ‘What have you done to me?’, she shouts. Again, no answer.

Real panick is setting in as Natalia realises she can not touch herself, which would be the only thing to make her life in prison a little bearable. Lots of questions start to come to her mind. What is this? What prison puts chastity belts on their female inmates? What if I need to go to the toilet? How long will I be belted? This is terrible!!

We hope you will enjoy this first edition of our ‘fantasy’ updates, inspired by our members’ requests!


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  1. Best update so far. In my opinion, this is what this site needs to be. Voluntary chastity is one thing, but it doesn’t even compare to this. Keep them coming.

  2. Chastityman says:

    Great update, a woman realy forced to wear a chastity belt.

    Continue :)

  3. Definitly the best update so far, would only be even better the model would take a “vacation” on this “prison” (like a week or so), but that would be hard, as they, as any other people, have lives XD

    Another idea I had is to have the model use the Carlilock service – a free chastity keyholding service – just google it to learn more bout it, it basicly allows you to store there, for a set period of time (less than a day to several months), an image with the combination for the lock (or the safe containing the key), and would only release that image after the time is up (or an emergency password is used). It has also many features that spice it up.

    A similar thing is the Timelock software. You can download it (though not for free) so the chastity is controlled not by the internet, but by the computer (google it to check specifics if your interested)

    Just a few ideas I had a while ago that I remembered to write here. I know that they might seem a bit unpractical, but wanted to share anyways.

    • Everyone can choose for themself what they like or fantasize about, that’s for sure….but isn’t your suggestion a little bit ironic? When you are free to create whatever scenario you want, you’d create one in which a software or a service is used that has actually been created to be a replacement for a real keyholder?? No offence, but to me that sounds like sitting in an actual cockpit of a boing 747 and play microsoft flight simulator…

  4. Now this site is getting were i always wanted it. 2 more uptdates like this and I’m joining. We’ve all seen chastity belts. Google Image Search is full of them…. updates like this make a difference.

    My only hope now is that one day, those videos will be longer (about 10-15 minutes)and we get to see a fantasy video, were a woman is actually put ito a belt…

    ….but regardless of this..2 more fantasy uptates and I am gonna join. Promise!

  5. Girls in chastity is awesome but girls abducted to jail not so much. What I think we all want to see is a love hate relationship in a woman’s sexuality. How about a contest amongst girls!

    Let the girls get into it themselves themselves.

    • You know that this is a fantasy update, right? As for me, I have to say, I disagree with your oppinion.
      I think, this update and also the “girl abducted to jail” part – as you call it, works very very well, because it focuses on an aspect of the whole chastity thing that has been neclected by websites wih erotic content so far.

      If you wanna see models in CBs and Chastitybelts as fashion devices… just use google. If you wanna see chastity belts in a hardcore bdsm environment where they are just another device of humilation (or of whatever fetish theses sites may be designed for) subscribe to one of the Kink websites.
      But if you wanna see chastity belts as a part of erotic fantasy that primarily focuses on controlling someone/beeing controlled by someone, then you don’t have many options.

      In this regard, I think, this website has made a great start. We have a girl who’s incarcerated – in two ways – against her will. She’s left alone with that “reality”. This is what makes this film affective.

      • Young_Engr says:

        No I get what your saying.

        What I mean is think of say girls gone wild… For those who are not in America that is an erotic show where the girls are given complete freedom to direct what happens. You probably don’t want to hear a psych 101 but basically to everyone’s surprise you’ll have to keep them safe instead of casting them.

        Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

        Let a babe film, direct, edit.

  6. More updates like this please, best so far

  7. Anne Marie Jones says:


    This is a great site! And believe me, this is not pure fantasy. I work as a jailor in Texas and i have read old prison manuals which underscore the need for controlling younger female inmates’ sexual appetite through some practical means. We had considered some kind of belts in the past especially for violent prisoners, but could not get legal clearances.

    Natalie looks real like Gina , a filipina prisoner in my jail!


    Anne Marie

    • Webmaster says:

      Very well spotted, she is part Philippina :D
      You have a great job, a shame you could not get belt approval.

  8. Anne Marie Jones says:

    Thanks! Another idea for this site is to allow girls who wear CBs to create their own accounts and start a community. I understand we have to prevent trolls and frauds, but one has to take a chance , may be insist on photos with their name written on their bellies as an admission criteria.

    Do you make CBs with butt plugs? A facility with removable butt plugs would be great. The other scenario you may want to build on is the mom and daughter cases. I have seen Dominiques story, but how about a case where Dominique tries to sleep with her Divorced moms current BF? The man tries to penetrate her anus through the CB opening and hurts himself! The mom then punishes him by putting him in a male chastity tube. Or the Sasha, daughter and Marina , mom, Russian pair, Sasha is sent to Siberia in CB for seducing Marinas German BF…?

  9. Anne Marie Jones says:

    Another sequel to this is that Natalia is drugged and pierced in her labia. The belt is put back on her, this time with the “bush hood” riveted to the pussy ring. So that even if she were to get the belt loose, the hood stays clipped to her lips…she is then put to hard labor as part of a prisonchain gang.

  10. Forestier says:

    I love this kind of scenario. And Natalia is acting very well.
    Two questions: is it really possible for a girl to be wearing a CB w/o noticing it until she sees it?
    And do those belts really prevent any finger-slipping?

    • Webmaster says:

      First question: no.
      Second question: the fingers can be slipped under the part directly in front of the lower abdomen, since it is soft tissue and you can pull your own stomach in or inhale strongly. But a properly fitted belt does not leave any room between the legs, as this part is pulled up tightly between the legs by the waist band. So yes, a properly fitted belt is effective in blocking finger access.

    • I thing the first point is possible

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