chastity belt 

The funny but very nervous Ulysse came from France by train to do a Casting for this website! I love her accent! This girl is so natural, she will just say anything that comes to her mind, which is not always wise, but it makes for a very funny video.
Locking her into a tight FancySteel was great, and I could immediately see that Ulysse wouldn’t have any trouble moving about. She can’t stand still for a second, she has a lot of energy, but in this short Casting she already bent over, walked, and changed her outfit, without any complaints about tightness on her hips or crotch.
When I told her about a potential Chastity Deal for 7 days, Ulysse was worried about using the toilet and making a mess, but after reassuring her with some supervised shower breaks (and a big cash prize), she was very interested! The only problem is: she loves to touch herself and that’s not a secret! She freely admits that it would be very hard for her to stay chaste for a day, let alone 7 days. This will be great: a talkative, frustrated, and funny French girl in a Chastity Deal.
I promised her to show you this Casting, so you (the members) could comment. Let me know if you want to see Ulysse back in a belt for a week! I think she will have a great time here in Holland, doing a Chastity Deal, but it won’t be easy for her! I would definitely have to Challenge her with some remote controlled vibes and a plug, because if I can get her to give up before the end of the Deal, it will be a lot cheaper for me ;)


8 comment(s) to “Ulysse from France – Casting”

  1. Yes, yes, yes… I strongly encourage you to offer her a deal – and I fully agree to the additional “challanges”

  2. fokusnik says:

    Absolutely have her back… challenges included !
    When was the last time that you used the shocker ?

  3. LoveSteel says:

    Yes, get her a deal. But please don’t forget the steel boobs protector. The bra is mandatory also.

  4. Fri_pouille says:

    Une française, enfin !!!!
    Hope to meet her in France ^^

  5. Yes, please – have her belted. Add a plug!!!!!!!!!! and she will be fine for a week.

  6. Forestier says:

    Heureuse qui comme Ulysse
    A fait un beau voyage.

    Mais pourquoi un prénom masculin, Ulysse?

  7. What a hottie, she looks like a naughty one.

    Would love to see her plugged!

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