chastity belt 

Izzy was belted by her mistress Sam, and the cute blonde was left very confused and frustrated. But mistress Sam was not done with her!
What is even more fun than belting a girl? That’s right: teasing a belted girl! Sam Lee definitely knows how to use her body to turn on young Izzy Delphine. She allowed Izzy to undo her corset, revealing her spectacular boobs. Sam even let Izzy squeeze her boobs, and take comfort by offering them as a pillow for the poor frustrated Izzy.
You might think this is all very nice of her, and Izzy was probably hoping she was going to be unbelted soon. They played and squeezed for a while, until Sam suddenly got up and left! Now Izzy was even more frustrated! She was hot, horny, and a little desperate. Why would Sam turn her on and then suddenly leave? Izzy tugged at the belt’s lock, but it wouldn’t budge. This was super frustrating! I loved this little scene, Sam is so gorgeous and mean, and Izzy was about to explode! Don’t miss it!

4 comment(s) to “Izzy – teased and denied”

  1. LoveSteel says:

    You can see that boob protectors are really needed. So add the steel bra please!

  2. roadie12 says:

    yes should add a metal bra, extend her time belted, also have her try the Lawtowski belt on Izzy and tease her some more

  3. DonnaFan says:


    I don’t care about chastity bra as long, as the denied and lovely Izzy can’t cum. I’d rather add time, than gear. Those small, perky tits are great way to tease her endlessly and add to frustration!

    Let her mistress tease her cute little boobs so relentlessly, that the poor girl start asking chastity bra herself!

  4. Riding Siberian says:

    I would like to see a special competition. Get 2 women who have sensitive nipples and belt both of them with the vaginal plug. Then the contest begins. They are to play with each others tits until either one of them can’t stand it anymore OR one of them cums. They can position themselves so they can do a tit 69 if desired, sucking on each others nipples. The one who cums or says stop is the loser and the other girl gets the prize.

    As a consolation prize the loser gets to play with the victor’s nipples for a half hour.

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