chastity belt 

Now that the popular sisters survived a whole day in their belts, we decided to invite them back to our studio for a fashion shoot. These girls are now so used to being belted that they did not even ask if the fashion shoot would feature chastity belts. They just assumed they would be tightly belted again… and they seem to enjoy it much more than before!

The belts are still the same size, tightly locked onto their great bodies. Now is the time for Regina and Jessy to show they can walk as if the belts were not there. Regina starts out a little wide legged, but she soon learns to keep her posture. Young blonde Jessy (who was quite emotional in the belt just a few months ago) is much more confident, although she keeps peeking around the curtain to see how her big sister is doing on the catwalk.

When the sisters appear on our catwalk together, passing each other and showing off their belts wearing nothing more than heels and a bra, it is definitely one of the best fashion shows we have ever seen. There is still no audience, but we might start selling tickets soon ;-)

There are a lot of pictures in this update, and there is also some video footage from behind the scenes, as the sisters discuss the shoot with our female photographer and try out some of their poses and walks. Don’t miss this update, see how the sisters have become accustomed!!


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  1. Looks like these hot sisters are addicted to chastity belts. Next step is thigh bands like Jenni C wears! Any plans for a chastity bra?

  2. roadie12 says:

    have any of the chastitybabes done catwalk practice in full chastity outfits

  3. How would both girls perform the catwalk wearing a plugged chastity belt?
    Would the girls execute the show wit the same agility? We could reply aftere a test.

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