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Of course, it had to happen: Donna’s Chastity Deal has been a little too easy for the number 1 Chastity Babe in the world! Carrara Designs was nice enough to borrow me a bra with the smallest cup and the smallest size back strap, because Donna is very tiny.
Even Donna was not really surprised. Well, she did seem a little bit shocked because she had never seen a Carrara bra before, but she probably knew her Deal would have some Challenges along the way. She is about two weeks in, so still two weeks to go in this bra. No breaks from the bra (and collar) of course. Donna is a side sleeper and in this bra she can only sleep on her back. This means restless nights, and a grumpy Donna, we have seen it before. She needs to get enough sleep, which will be a lot harder now.
Still, Donna even started to put on the bra without me telling her to do so, she is an experienced Chastity Babe so she knows she has to complete her Deal to get paid. She probably did not read the contract very well, just like with all her other Deals, but it doesn’t matter: whatever she has to do, she will do. Because she knows she can handle it. Donna is in it for the money, but she loves a Challenge. She will never ever give up.
I wonder what else I can add to the Deal… But first, let’s see how she copes with this small Carrara bra. It is a true work of art, and Donna is in a lot of armor now. I just love how she told me the bra was tight, and then as soon as I left she started taking selfies to send to Italy. Girls! Enjoy Donna in her latest addition of chastity gear, she looks awesome!

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  1. Donna fanatic says:

    That is so hot! Hope some more stuff will be added :)

  2. This is the 5th update. I want to show her story. Please join if you want to make any member requests on models, stories and gear used :)

  3. David Sellmon says:

    My OCD tells me she would be better off with an Carrara collar (her complete gear all from the same place):

  4. LoveSteel says:

    Any girl should be in this outfit. CB, bra, collar, love it! Hope that this bra covers and protects enough to deny any touching or pleasure.

  5. Personally, I’m happy with anything with Donna in it.
    Also (again, just my personal opinion), I don’t see why non-subscribers should even be able to comment on this site ! The comment pages should, I think, be AFTER someone has signed in.
    Keep it up, Donna !

  6. LoveSteel says:

    a solution would be to extend the deal several weeks (or more).

  7. Lietuva Elkinos says:

    Dear Sirs and Madams,
    I was a previous subscriber and I’m taking into consideration the possibility to subscribe again. Donna is outstanding and a real beauty in my humble opinion but since I’m a great fan of blindfolds I’d like to see her blindfolded at least for a while. You can ask her to complete some daily routines blindfolded for example and perhaps You can oblige her to do some exercises during the day ( I’m also a fan of classical ballet so You can oblige her to do some barre exercises with ankle weights for example. Then a ballet dancer can judge her performance and if she doesn’t perform well something nasty could happen to the poor Donna.) Please forgive my terrible English.

  8. That outfit looks like it would be very effective in protecting her from inappropriate touching.

  9. the missing accesorie

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