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Everyone’s favorite Italian girl is back in Holland! I’m so excited! Donna is definitely the one who put this website on the map, and she continues to be amazing.
With a slightly different look, fresh and optimistic, Donna is going to attempt to spend 30 days in a chastity belt and a collar. She was even looking forward to it! She walked into the Amsterdam apartment today, with her little suitcase, and it immediately felt like she never left. Donna belongs here! And I couldn’t believe there is a girl as excited as I am about doing a Chastity Deal. She is simply awesome.
She is also simply very tiny. Her 61cm waist can even be reduced to 57cm or below with a tight belt. She is about 165cm tall. So I had a special belt made for her again, because I had to do a lot better than last time. I made a deal with Carrara to get her in an ultimate security belt with lots of super padded lining to make sure Donna could actually keep wearing this heavy belt for 30 days. This is by far the heaviest belt Donna has ever worn. It is massive. And it’s very secure, it has a salt-water proof marine padlock built in with a coded key that can not be copied. The key is even filed down to fit in the belt, and I only have 1 key! If I lose that one in the next month, we will be in very serious trouble.
Donna will also be locked in a collar for 30 days, even in public / outside. No breaks from the collar. She gets supervised toilet breaks from the belt. Peeing is possible though and the Carrara has a built-in cleaning system that can rinse Donna’s private parts (more on that later). A bra may be added later in this Deal, depending on how well she is doing.
This is a seriously heavy belt, but very comfortable. I’m curious how this small girl will cope with this. I just can’t believe she came back for the 4th time, and it’s not even summer yet! She will be cold, but she seems determined to make it. Did I mention how awesome she is? I hope you are as happy as I am to see her again. Please comment, Donna will be reading!

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  1. Yes, but much smaller, Ariel Anderssen is over 180cm tall.

  2. David Sellmon says:

    Welcome back :3

    Nice shirt / hair color combination, BTW!

  3. fokusnik says:

    Salve Donna ! E una cosi grande piacere di rivederti ! Abbiamo dovuto aspettare di troppo. Tanti auguri per il nuovo “challenge” ! Ti amiamo tutti.

    Hi Donna ! It’s a great pleasure to see you again ! We have had to wait too long. Good luck with your new challenge ! We all love you.

  4. Donna, we love you and miss you! Thank you for coming back. We all love a lady that wants to be locked in a chastity belt. You’ll make it 30 days, why not be belted for 120 days? I think you can be belted for a really long time and love it. :-)

  5. Basil Blake says:

    Very beautiful!

    Donna is certainly a great chastity babe.

    Due to the belt’s integrated cleaning system, there is no need for any breaks, right?

    • Yes weekly breaks is fair. Please film one!

      • smash363636 says:

        This is the same belt i have. Mine has the rear wire. You can go #2 in it. weekly cleaning are an must just to thoroughly clean were the big front sheld covers. Good luck Donna. You can make it. glad to see you back!!

  6. LoveSteel says:

    Welcome back Donna. Always safe to be in Holland. Hope you like your belt and collar. Waiting for the bra so hope everything fits well. Enjoy your stay.

  7. chastityman(claude) says:

    Coollllll… Donna is the return :)

  8. chastityman(claude) says:

    I’m very interested by the french model named Ulysse. It’s possible became a chastity babe ?

  9. ah, finally the return of Donna, perhaps for longer than 30 days

  10. Always happy to see Donna back, she’s the greatest Chastity Babe ever.

  11. Bob Uncle says:

    I am curious that there are 2 keys in the first picture but you only have one. Are you giving the other to someone else? Welcome back Donna!

  12. I am glad to see Donna back for another deal. The only thing I am disappointed in is that the Carrara belt does not have a plug option. Still I like the design of this belt.

  13. This belt is the greatest. I love the integrated cleaning system and the super-secure lock. Very nice.

  14. It’s really nice to see her again.

    Feels like an old friend coming home.

  15. Donna fanatic says:

    Hi Donna good to see u are back wierd thing i allways feel i have to sign up whenever u are back. Hope u will enjoy ur stay so much that u will stay even longer than ur contract.

  16. – Scary belt at first look!
    – It it’s comfortable and keeps this beayty’s little precious things safe down there, I can learn to accept it’s looks…
    – positive Donna :)
    – Nice hair!
    – Where’s your heels?!

    If you still have Anahi, Kim, Kerry or other assistants there, put them to serve her – a true chastity star!

  17. Gustav Lorentz says:

    Donna is such a positive and natural person. Her smile is worth more than a ton of metal. The carrara belt in all its bulkiness looks wonderful on her. And even better: she seems to be comfortable with it. I would prefer to keep seeing her smiling and talking instead of sulking. So please, don’t be too harsh!

  18. Unknownthing268 says:

    Note: This is a comment I posted on the bonus pictures
    For Donna being so willing to come back, maybe she should be rewarded for being so happy in the new belt and for being the one who got this site where it is today. Maybe get her something that matches one of her first two belts, maybe a watch like the one she wore during her first deal?

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