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Okay, here is a dramatic Challenge, as inspired by you, the members. Filmed entirely in white, for extra dramatic effect :)
Anyway, many of you have suggested an unbelting where 1 girl gets out and the other girl has to stay locked. This was the perfect opportunity to do so! I told Lauren and Celeste that one of them could already be unbelted (and get her reward) and the other one would have to stay locked till the next morning to get the cash prize. To decide who would get unlocked, I cuffed both girls in Irish 8 handcuffs with their wrists crossed in front of them. The first girl to escape would be let out of her chastity belt.
These cuffs are quite hard to open. You need to push the key in while simultaneously pulling the cuffs apart. So the dilemma was: would one girl help the other to get out, leaving herself locked in a chastity belt for the night? Or would they try to get out by themselves as fast as possible? It would really show just how close Lauren and Celeste were as friends. It’s an evil choice: would you help yourself or the other person first?
It was all made even more difficult by the fact that the shy Celeste doesn’t understand English very well. So I don’t know if it was clear to her what the stakes really were (I think Lauren was kind enough to translate for her, but I don’t speak Czech so maybe she said something else). Also, Lauren knows how hard it is to sleep in a belt, so she definitely knew she didn’t want to do that again. But would she keep her dear friend locked up in exchange for her own freedom?
Check out the video to see what happened, and please leave a comment if you like this kind of ‘competition dilemma Chastity Challenges’ (and if you know any other evil dilemmas for future shoots).

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  1. fokusnik says:

    That was pretty cute, I liked that ! [spoiler edited]

  2. ramacclean says:

    that’s are really good idea

  3. How about this long term scenario?

    Girl locked in belt, bra, collar, thigh bands with chain and cuffs for hands and feet.
    All locks look identical but the keys are unique for every lock.

    Each day the girl may choose one key and try it on one item only.
    If the key opens the lock she can remove the item.
    If the key does not open the lock…she’ll have to wait for a new chance on the next day.

    • Could also be done vice versa…

      In the beginning she (e.g. Donna) is belted only.
      She has to pick one out of a set of x keys (as much as items and locks are available) to try to unlock herself.

      If it opens the lock…she’s out and rewarded.
      If she to the wrong key..another item is added for 24 hours until she may pick the next key. In worst case she gets locked up more and more…maybe even being put in a cage if there is one lock and key for the cage door…but items unlocked once do not return.

      • Stephen Miletus says:

        Entertaining scenario, but I have a question of practicality.

        If the girl loses the belt, but has to wear thigh bands, how do the bands stay on?

    • One could tell by looking at the key hole if the key would even fit into the lock but not if it will turn or not

      • Well…not if the locks are all of the same shape and size but have individual keys (one key fits for one lock only).

        • By Identical; do you mean that the wrong key would fit in? The padlock we use on our gate has a twin with a different key. It go’s in but it won’t turn. You might even catch the girl in question trying to match the keyhole without trying the key in it.

        • Whom are you asking?

        • Good question…but I think these could be handled as a pair. One single cuff would look silly as long as it not attached to a fixed spot.
          Also concerning the belt…that’s a good argument.
          But picking the key for the belt could really be the lucky day for the victim…She could get out of belt and the thigh bands by picking the key for the belt…But anyway…in worst case she still could be in the metal bra, cuffed, collared and caged :-)
          And it’s always 24h before she has the next choice.
          I’m still thinking about this challenge (also with two girls) and try to find an idea how single and double plugging can be integrated. Maybe something with rolling dice or picking cards to have something like a “chastity-bondage-poker-challenge”.

        • LoveSteel says:

          The key to the belt must be excluded from all the keys to choose from. When all other items are removed by having luck to choose the right key for the right item, then all keys including the one for the belt are in the game. So there still is a good chance the wrong key is chosen which means an item is added again and the key for the belt is out of the game until the belt is the last item again. When an item is removed the key stays in the game. Otherwise it becomes easier and easier after each round of choosing right. So a lot of fun and excitement.

  4. MetalMan says:

    A girls every day life:
    – chastity belt,
    – chastity bra,
    – thigh cuffs,
    – heavy collar
    – NO KEYS!!

    everything in heavy steel of course!

  5. Damaramu says:

    How about good old rock-paper-scissors game?
    For example: bra beats thigh cuffs, thigh cuffs beats collar, collar beats bra.
    Then both girls have to choose one thing (secretly) for today.
    The loser gets to be locked in everything. Winner gets to be locked what she’s selected.
    If there is a draw, then both of them gets to be locked in the two items they DID NOT select.
    Perfect :)

  6. My idea of a Strip “Poker” Chastity Bondage Challenge:

    Two Girls
    Each girl gets a cup with two dice
    Two sets of metal gear

    Both girls start fully clothed… equal amount of clothing, of course
    They roll the dice in the cups, put them on the floor and move up the cups in the same moment

    Lower eyes looses one piece of clothing
    6 eyes…she undresses by herself
    If it’s a draw…both loose one piece (or add one metal item if no clothing is left)

    As soon as no clothing is left…metal gear is added. Same rules as above
    Thigh Bands
    Ankle Cuffs
    Hand Cuffs
    Thigh Bands locked together
    Ankle cuffs locked together
    Hand cuffs locked together (or to the belt to be more evil)
    Gag (optional)
    Cage (optional)

    Extra rule for the belt:
    If she “wins” the belt with two eyes only…double plugs (chance 1 of 12)
    Three eyes…butt plug (chance 2 of 12)
    Four eyes…vaginal plug (chance 3 of 12)
    Twelve eyes…E-Stim (chance 1 of 12)

    Looser is first one being naked and fully locked.
    She has to stay in gear for as much hours as it took rounds from fully clothed to fully locked.

    In case of a long term deal she now could start the unlock challenge (unevil version)

    Each day she gets presented the entire set of keys…except the key for the belt.
    That one will be given for free 24h after she unlocked all other gear.
    She has to name the lock she wants to open before she picks a key.
    If the key matches the lock that item will be removed and is out of the game.
    If she fails…maybe better luck in 24 hours
    It will become easier after every match…but in worst case it might take a couple of weeks to unlock everything :-)
    In the evil version unlocked items might return or even other items that had not been used before (e.g. fiddle or stock) could be added (veeeeery evil)
    —> three fails in a row —> + 1 item

    • Nice but I think your odds calculation is off. Throwing 2 dice does not give a 1 in 12 chance of getting 2.

    • LoveSteel says:

      The game becomes quite complicated. Not everyone knows poker. A roll of a dice or a challenge to determine what will happen next is much easier and challenges can be more fun too. But everyone must be belted always (including the webmaster :))

  7. a fair chance to get unbelted, both really want that chance

  8. The thrill of these games comes from the fact, that the girl really didn’t know how long she needs to endure…

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