chastity belt 

Remember our good friend Lauren? She was the model for our prototype NoSteel belt (made from medical grade plastic). She was also part of the original promo team and a very good friend of our famous star Little Caprice.
Lauren was in Holland with her friend Celeste and she asked if they could visit the studio to hang out and maybe earn a little money. Well, no problem! Girls can always come by the studio to earn a little cash with a Chastity Deal, Challenge, or even just a quick Casting. It turned out Celeste was very shy, so this could be a nice way to introduce her, because she would have never come to Holland on her own.
I locked them both in tight NeoSteel belts, but I used different belts to study the girls behaviour and the comfort of the belt types. Celeste was locked in a rigid style belt, between hip and waist model, and Lauren was locked in a chain style waist belt. The locks were different too, Celeste’s belt has a classic protected padlock, while Lauren’s belt has NeoSteel’s weird prong style lock which requires two pins to open (not that safe actually, but harder to open than it looks). Of course, they were locked in metal collars too.
The Challenge was to spend 24 hours in my studio without asking to be let out. I admit: I just love having pretty girls in chastity belts walking around the studio. They did pretty well. A little boredom snuck in, but they tried to stay active, with Lauren showing Celeste around in the studio, having lunch (but they couldn’t eat much because of the belts), and chatting on the bed. It was a nice day!
But I had one more thing in mind: what if I would give them a new Challenge? A very evil one? Check back on Friday to see what dilemma these two girls had to face!

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  1. czech again?, i am moving there! , looking for someone to run a second head office, webmaster?!

  2. Ooooh, thank you so much for bringing Lauren back!
    She’s my absolute favorite of the chastity girls!

  3. a great update, given enough time all those Czech girls could be belted and if willing, in metal bras too

  4. They look adorable. Well done.

    Have you thought about locking large cowbells onto their collars so that they can’t move without making noise?

    They could also be given henna tattoos with your website name and their “babe” number (they fade away after about 3 weeks).

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