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Here it is!! Sorry for the epic music in the trailer above, but it truly was epic! Never before in the world has there been such a gorgeous promo team of 4 belted girls! It was madness and mayhem!
With Pling and Cobie added to the team in their own belts, we walked all the way from the hotel room to the convention. Of course, we had to pass the lobby, where busses of tourists had just arrived. They did not have anything to do with the fetish convention, so they could not believe their eyes! The girls were stopped and everyone wanted to take a picture of them… or take a picture WITH them. It took us quite some time to fight off the tourists and get to BoundCon, where even more picture and flyer madness happened! Be sure to watch the video to see the action (big file!).
The official promo team looked so hot!! All collared and belted, their little pink t-shirts very short to show off their belts. Basically there were 4 nationalities in 4 brands of belts! The awesome Cobie from Australia in her own FancySteel belt with thigh bands, super long haired Pling from Sweden in her own rigid style belt, Lauren Crist from Czech Republic in the NoSteel belt, and Little Caprice (who lives in Austria) in the tight red My-Steel!! Quite the sight for the unsuspecting visitors!
It was very hard to keep track of the girls, as they got pulled in different directions by people who wanted to take their pictures, but we managed to stay together and promote Let’s hope some of the flyers have resulted in a little bit of extra interest and traffic for this website!


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  1. For people wondering: the Chastity Babe on the flyer is of course the incredible fashion model (and my pet girl) Sylvie: She will be back soon!

  2. Meister Peter says:

    It is a very great pleasure to see this video. It is very very awesome!

    Best regards

  3. Who holds the keys and are they to remain locked the entire convention?

    • Keys to all 4 were in my back pocket! Pling and Cobie were needed in bondage challenges and photo shoots, so they couldn’t wear their belts the entire time, but Caprice and Lauren were hired by me (hotel room, VIP entry ticket, plus promo girl fee), so of course they would be locked from Friday till Sunday ;)

  4. OMG!

    That’s why I love this website so much, especially the videos.

    Right at the beginning, just listen to the lovely sound Cobie does with the chain connecting her thigh bands with every stride.

    Before I continue to tell the million things I like at the video,
    I just say awesome, and that is still an understatement.

  5. hey, Please more plug in next update.
    I love your site!

  6. Lovely team!

  7. more pics of chastitybabes at Bondcons will be a welcome addition to site

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