chastity belt 

English dialogueYou will love watching Britney in full chastity on her Casting day. She is so cheerful, probably one of the most genuinely positive chastity babes ever! She truly did not mind her tight belt and bra, and she looks incredibly hot with her long legs and slender body, especially the thigh bands and her ass with the chain style belt is a very good combination!
Don’t miss Britney waiting around on her Casting day, doing her makeup, spending time in her gear, even chained to the bed for a while by her collar, and just being silly in the dressing room. She is a dancer, she can’t help it. She has to move! And yes, she was very aware of the cameras. She’s something alright!
‘But wait! Why did she spend a day in her chastity gear when it was only a Casting?’, I hear you cry out. Shhhh, don’t tell her it’s not the usual way to do this! I just liked her in her full chastity gear so much I couldn’t let her out so soon. Can you blame me? This is a super tall, fit brunette locked in lots of metal and wearing nothing else. In my studio. And she does not mind!
I will have so much fun with Britney when she comes back for her Deal. We have to think of ways to make it harder for her, or she will just whistle and dance through the whole thing! By the way, did you know she is a close friend of Roxy? I might be able to invite both of them at the same time for a Deal!

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  1. LoveSteel says:

    One word: GREAT! This girl is a winner! Good candidate for some challenges.

  2. That Beauty is too proud and needs absolutely a special hard locking program on a long period, allowing to evaluate her state of mind according to chastity abilities…

  3. shock and amazement all in the same take

  4. Wow, really hope to see her in a long deal!

    Personally, I’m not interested about overtight or torturing waistbands, but rather the concept of getting hornier without relief…

    So I agree what the nickname ‘Corsett’ said earlier: Long period locking program, possibly with some plugs or wibrating things added, to really test her chastity abilities!

  5. very, very beautifull
    I want to waer full chastity device…

  6. It would be interesting to make them wear all challenge the metal shoes.

  7. Britney is a happy bubbly person. I’d go easy on her for a ten day contract. I don’t want to see a bubbly girl like her have a breakdown and cry on camera. Let her have fun while being belted for a long term contract. Britney needs to show off her belt in public every day while being in comfort. She is enthusiastic, keep her this way.

    Shove a giant butt plug into (hooked up to chastity belt) for a day. Also handcuff and shackle her for a handful of hours of bondage for one day. Trying to sleep while handcuffed to the belt is torture. Handcuff rings directly in front of a chastity belt would be far easier for chastity babes.

    Can you hook up Britney to Segufix restraints/bed for an overnight session? Also, girls in cuffs and metal bondage are good sites for Britney. Britney, you are a babe and a gem. Very rare. Show off your hot, sexy body and keep a smile on your face. Hugs and kisses to you.

  8. I would like to see her with a couple of plugs from what I
    Have seen from the girls they don’t care for them much
    So I would say plug both of her holes

  9. I want to be locked, come to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China to find me

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