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English dialogueIt’s been a while since we had a UK girl come in for a Casting, but this girl was really insisting to be locked in chastity! I have never seen anyone who wanted to be belted this much! But read on… I found out why and how!
Britney has an amazing body. AMAZING. Her legs are truly endless and she is super slender and graceful. She did not seem to mind the extremely tight chain style belt I locked on her. She was so confident I started to add more gear: thigh bands, a very tight bra, and a collar. Britney said she loved it all very much. I did not really believe her, and tried making her wait for a while in the studio, so the reality of her locked gear could sink in.
After half an hour, Britney was still super confident, she is one of the most positive girls I have ever met. I had made the bra and belt as tight as possible, but she was still in good spirits when I interviewed her. I told her about the Chastity Deals and I said she could make good money if she would let me lock her in all this gear for 10 days. Britney was acting suprised, but she already knew about the Deals. In fact, she needed money very badly and that is why she came to the Casting and let herself be locked in tight gear.
But still, she is genuine and full of positive energy. And I really think she could do a 10 day Chastity Deal in all this gear. She is a flexible dancer, and she had no problems moving around, walking, even dancing in the gear. It was noisy of course, but that would not stop her from signing up. In fact: she wanted to sign a Deal during this Casting already! I told her this was just a few hours to let her get used to the gear, and that I would have to present this Casting to you (the members) to hear if you want to have her back for a Chastity Deal. She has promised to do a 10 day Deal in all this gear, without complaining or getting negative. Do you believe Britney? Would you like to see her try?


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  1. Wow the belt is super tight. Hey, tighter the belt, the more comfortable it is. (to a point)
    It seems like you found a gem in Britney. Be super kind to Britney during her time in chastity. Enthusiastic, positive, sexy, long legs, what a find!
    Maybe you could extend the deal. :-)

  2. Well, if she promises to do a 10 day deal without complaining or getting negative you should make it mandatory to her for getting the full reward. Every complaint reduces her reward by 10%.
    If she geht’s down to nothing…every additional complaint adds one more day in full gear.

  3. Bring her back!

  4. LoveSteel says:

    In full gear she has everything. She seems to be the perfect girl in the right outfit. Get her for a long deal. We want to see more of her. And some challenges may be nice too.

  5. Mister Webmaster, be imaginative…, and persuasive, keep the babe as long as you can in the belt, she is too cute !!

  6. Try not to over-tighten, Ten days is much longer than a few hours. you wouldn’t want to cause any harm.

    Does anyone else see a Sandra Bullock resemblance?

  7. She needs to come back, but let the deal be two weeks instead of 10 days :)

  8. Chastity Lover says:

    Definitely bring her back. How about a full gear deal for 7 days minimum, 30 days maximum, and let us vote on when she gets released.

  9. Too few plug updates. Please put a plug in her soon. If required make it 5 days but please more plugs.

  10. Basil Blake says:

    I can confirm that girls get more confident after being protected by chastity. And in some cases this confidence even radiates on career issues! For instance, a close friend of mine, a girl from Bulgaria, who has been in 24/7 chastity since her teenage years and whose keys are kept by the local church community (in consultation with her parents, living in Sofia), has managed to grab a job as assistant manager for an international bank in Frankfurt. And I certainly know that she loves her job and has a very self-confident appearance in her professional life.

    But the thing is: I also know how shy and nervous she gets after being unbelted! (Her parents have authorized my girlfriend to grant her cleaning breaks each weekend. These hygiene sessions always take place in the bathroom of the church community’s dormitory. And usually, I attend these operations. It’s my job to fix her hands and to ensure that neither she herself nor my girlfriend play with her private parts…)

    It’s an undeniable fact: Her protection and her unwasted sexual energy contribute a lot to her CONFIDENCE! :-)

  11. updates with this new one look great… perhaps even try her in the Latowski chastity belt and bra

  12. I want to see her wearing rubber suit and full chastity device!
    vibrating bra and dildo!please!

  13. That makes me horny!

  14. And some 5 ball plugs that can even shock her

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