chastity belt 

Jessica’s first Chastity Deal went rather well! She loves pink so she got pink bra and belt linings, and a small padded collar just because I love cute girls and collars.
Maybe it wasn’t fair that she really needed the money, which meant she would not complain even if I added a few little touches to the Deal. Like a pair of pink handcuffs, which Jessica loved at first, but hated already after 10 minutes. Or a chain and 2 padlocks, when I told her to chain her collar to the bed. Jessica really did not like the white bedroom. She could not even sleep in that room. Maybe because she was chained to the bed, I don’t know, but it just did not work.
The pink room, however, was Jessica’s favorite! The large Pooh-bear made her feel more comfortable, and she napped in there whenever she could. She did not eat or drink much, afraid her belly would expand, and the belt would get even tighter. Just some small tomatoes and some water. These Chastity Deals are actually very healthy! Another reason all girls should wear chastity belts!
Jessica changed a little over the course of the Deal, she became less shy and also a little less cute (because the chastity gear was a little uncomfortable, and getting used to it changed her expression). But I would always ask her if she was ok, if she wanted out, because she could be unlocked at any time she wanted. But she kept going! Maybe she is too young to do this (19 years old), but she was as brave as any other girl before her, and she made it! I’m not sure if she will ever do it again, but we all know economic situations can make a Chastity Deal seem very attractive!

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  1. We all love her back for a longer deal. She did great and Donna should be scared for her position :-)

    Well done Jessica you are awesome.

  2. MetalMan says:

    At last we had a chained girl! Next time you have to put her in a cage!

  3. A collar alone says submissive…And I know it’s yet another form of bondage for CB rather then MB, but there’s something about Actually chaining a hot girl like Jessica here. Maybe It’s because we grew up with star wars. Wouldn’t The costume that gold bikini and loincloth make for some nice custom chastity gear?

  4. A challenge in a heavy steel belt is high in my wish list. Her casting in the heavy steel belt was great! I bet she can do it! And some money would be great for her to.(so she can buy lovely sex toys!)

  5. She is adorable and the pink really works with her skin tone and hair. Nice to see the collar get put to proper use. She looks precious chained to the bed. She has a great submissive side and hopefully she will really blossom here. Maybe we will see her in some heels next time, and maybe the leash and handcuffs simultaneously. A gag would look great too. A beautiful woman in a great scenario. She is a good sport and hopefully we will see more of her!

  6. On an older topic about that MSP post on your MB site: Chaining by the belt came up. This was done at the back of the belt except the initial request was to use a middle ring either on or between the front and rear shields. Now you have Vina’s My-steel belt with a middle ring on the outer front shield and you had her plugged. Had we known you would be chaining on this site then 20/20 hind sight…

  7. Wheres the picture link?

  8. Unknownthing268 says:

    Can’t help but wonder, what kind of watch was she wearing?

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