chastity belt 

Jessica is so cute, I almost felt sorry for her. She is very young, and she did not know what she was getting herself into. But she bravely accepted the fact that she was belted for 48 hours, because she desperately needed the money.
Locked in a pink bra and belt, and a nice shiny collar too, Jessica started the long wait in the living room of the new apartment. This new place has got some static camera’s and a couch and tv, but not much more than that, so it is very boring. And unfortunately, a bit cold too. Jessica went in search of an extension cord to move the electric heating closer to the couch, very clever! With her phone and the little heater, she settled in to spend a few hours of lounging.
Until I came in (this guy again) with my camera, asking her lots of questions (first time you will hear Jessica speak, and yes, she sounds as cute as you would expect). I brought a little surprise for her, because she loves pink so much: pink handcuffs!! I told her she had to lock these on her wrists and spend some time in them, maybe even sleep in them. I don’t know if Jessica really understood what that meant (for example, she could not even take her dressing gown off anymore), but she happily and curiously locked herself into the handcuffs.
She is just so sweet! These 48 hours were a test for Jessica, but also for me… trying not to let her out because of her pleading eyes and quiet suffering. I was in doubt: isn’t she too nice to be locked in cruel metal? I did stay strong, and she remained locked up, stay tuned for more of Jessica’s Deal!

9 comment(s) to “Jessica – very pink”

  1. I hope the handcuffs are double locked so Jessica suffers no discomfort. Submissive and cute. But hey, don’t give in to her too easily. :) Jessica, I like you.

  2. LoveSteel says:

    Perfect! Love it!!! Good amount of steel. And that lady is pretty safe with all that gear.

    What about shackles? Do they have pink ones as well? If so, we all know who will like to try these.

    Is Jessica is in to have a longer deal with some nice challenges? Hope so.

  3. MetalMan says:

    This is just getting better and better! First a bra and a belt. Then a pair of handcuffs. The only thing missing i a nice little cage to put her in so she can’t escape. The only thing that bathers me is the color of the gear. It is pink, and i hate pink! Pink is almost painful to look at. That color should be forbidden! Change it to black!

    • Pink works well for someone like her =)

    • LoveSteel says:

      I don’t mind the color as long as it is made of steel that is locked and needs a key to unlock. And if the color makes the subject willing to wear it, it server a purpose. Anyway I love the outfit.

  4. Don’t change a thing. Pink is perfect. If pink is her favorite color, then this is perfect irony.

  5. Oh my… So helpless with her wrists securely locked in these handcuffs but still, as safe as Fort Knox with all her private parts completely inaccessible to her or others! Oh, the sweet frustration! Too bad she’s not really enjoying her predicament, not the kinkiest of girls but still a delight to watch!

  6. I want to buy this chastity gear!!

  7. roadie12 says:

    her training is coming along very well

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