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Last weekend, my big plan finally was revealed! I would be visiting BoundCon Austria (in Vienna) with my promo team! You have already seen the shirt modelled by Vina, and I am sure you were curious who would be in my promo team!!
Well, I am glad to be able to report that it was a huge success and all FOUR girls that I had invited showed up! They are all ChastityBabes who have appeared on this site before, from 4 different countries, and it was great to see them together!! The first two who showed up were the incredibly hot Little Caprice and Lauren Crist! Of course, Lauren would be locked in the NoSteel, and Little Caprice was perfect for (Donna’s) red My-Steel!! Of course, I locked them in collars and gave them the promo shirts. They didn’t know what to expect, and neither did I, we would be walking through huge numbers of convention visitors, while they girls would hand out flyers and I would film them.
We did not expect that there would be another (mainstream adult) convention going on, so there were thousands and thousands of people there! It was total madness! Almost everyone wanted their picture taken with the girls, and at some points we couldn’t even move 5 meters in half an hour because of the amount of pictures being taken and questions being asked!!
Fortunately, there was a VIP area (with a pool and palm trees) where the girls could flee to if they wanted a break and a drink. It was awesome! We got a lot of interest in female chastity, many questions, met some of YOU, and did some good promo for this website! If you missed us at BoundCon Austria, don’t worry. There will be more footage here soon (even crazier when the other 2 promo girls joined Caprice and Lauren), and we will definitely try to do this again in May 2016 at BoundCon Munich! Don’t miss that one!!

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  1. In other words, the BoundCon Austria exceeded your expectations! Hey, whatever it takes to make metal underwear fashionable. Cute ladies, too.

  2. Yes Wendy? You be in a belt too?

    The best update ever in my book.
    Looking forward to seeing the four girls.

    Unfortunately, Austria is not my ‘doorstep’ so this will have to do!

    And that guy at bar! ha ha, he would have been better off in belt too.

  3. great walking advertisements and the right location to let them wander; more members for sure

  4. Amazing video of ravishing beauties in chastity belts.
    What else can I say.

    What a shame, I missed it.

    Cannot wait to see the update with all four girls.

    Unbelievable, how easy it is to convince the girls ;)

    Excellent job webmaster.

  5. Horus8170 says:

    You really hava talent (or big luck^^) to find such beautiful models. These two girls are so great. Very cute!!
    I like the whole video itself. Something different to your normal ones (not that they are bad, it is just nice to have something different from time to time^^)

  6. They are both absolutely gorgeous, stunning. And they seem to love the attention they get! Well done, I can’t stop looking at them!

  7. They got a little pouty and flirty with each other when they were putting the belts on. I was hoping for a breast rub or a kiss! Maybe after the belts come off we can see them in the shower or in a bubble bath together.

    BTW, I also loved the shoes. They have excellent taste in footwear.

  8. I wonder if Caprice can double for Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who

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