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English dialogueThe big bondage convention BoundCon in Vienna is next month already! It will be huge, and a lot of fun! will be there with a promo team of 4 models! Well, that is if I can get everything arranged, there is so much work to do still!
When Vina was here, a test print of the crop top I had made for the convention came in. And since she was here for 7 days anyway, I decided to use her as a test model for my promo shirt. What do you think? The shirt is actually pink, but for some reason it came out pretty red in the pictures and video. It is very short, to show off the promo girls’ chastity belts, all 4 will be wearing a different belt from a different brand!
I really hope to meet some of you in Vienna. You can take pictures of the girls and they will give you a flyer! I can’t tell you who the models will be yet (it is a big surprise), but sadly Vina won’t be one of them. She looks great in heels, chastity belt and crop top, which will be the outfit for all 4 models. If you can not make it to BoundCon Vienna, don’t worry, I will film and photograph the promo team and put it all online for you (members) to see!


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  1. chaste-ish girl says:

    Sooo cute

  2. Is it me or is Vina going through the same transformation as Donna, she is starting to look more like a woman instead of a girl, she looks hot.
    Or is it the belt or the outfit?
    Looking good Vina, keep this going!
    Hope you will be a regular.

  3. Basil Blake says:

    Vienna is always a great place for a short visit (esp. if you are a native German speaker ;-)), I think I gonna be there…

    She looks so happy in her belt, definitely a prime candidate for long term plugged chastity… :-)

    By the way: plugs are not the only alternative, a friend of mine swears by vaginal love pearls… she wears them several days a week and is always enthusiastic about their emotional “power” :-)

  4. What a lovely young lady. She certainly appears to be getting more confident, like Donna in the early days.

    I have an idea for BoundCon, a competition! Nothing extravagant, it could be called… guess who’s wearing a plug. Who would know with models like Vina! Meow indeed.
    Answers in a post-box with contact details, correct answers go in draw. Could be a good challenge on both sides. Maybe knowledge of different belts would be an advantage.

  5. Maybe you could get one of the models to go to the con plugged, and get people to guess which one it is…

    Looking forward to seeing more of Vina!

  6. ideal advertising for the website; more of her please

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