chastity belt 

The 24 hours in chastity continue for the lovely sisters. After breakfast and getting dressed, they decide to grab their laptops (these girls are internet addicts) and look up some information about chastity belts. Actually, they were probably looking for ways to open the belt, but they just stumbled on some pictures and a few historical websites.

Meanwhile, blonde little Jessy is really uncomfortable in her belt. It is really tight on her waist, and she has trouble sitting down. A few times it looks likes she will start to cry, but soon after she is smiling again. The psychological effect of wearing a chastity belt is really starting to kick in now.

Her sister Regina is more comfortable. She even wears shorts instead of a skirt, and she clearly has less difficulty sitting down. Regina is really interested in the websites about the history of chastity belts and it seems she is getting used to the belt really fast.

After a short while, the duo discovers a picture of a male chastity belt, to much hilarity, they had not even realised men can be in chastity too. It makes their morning a little better, but they are still not finished with their challenge. They really want to take a shower, but they are not sure if they can wash themselves properly…


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  1. chastitylover says:

    Well if the 2 sisters would like to lock me into a chastity belt too, they can let me know…a men

  2. Love the style whith more reacting and commenting on the belts – not just “moving stills” whith a moarning girl – lips a litlle apart (yawn))

    Get this style in at BB and MB and i will be a fan!!!
    Or more from those sites here at CB


  3. Better, much better. But please, put the text of dialogues, because all the peolple are not good listening ¿english?
    Now, I only miss tigh bands.
    But, you are in good way.

  4. Washing takes a lot more time (as if I didn’t spend enough time in the bathroom already :) but it’s still possible to clean yourself properly. Showering often while locked is recommended – I shower about twice a day. A squirt bottle or a syringe with soapy water helps a lot to clean under the front shield through the small holes.

    • So Sarah, why do you wear your belt? do you wear it by choice or by the request of your bf or something else? Just curious why you would allow yourself to be belted. Perhaps I missed this from some of the other comments.

  5. Do have these girls agreed to any additional shoots? As previously mentioned they are not your standard nude model, and not sure if they “enjoyed” it enough to do it again.

  6. Forestier says:

    Nice girls, but sitting at a table…

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