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English dialogueSo many girls are emailing me now to get a Chastity Deal! It’s hard to schedule all of them, arrange flights, and especially accommodation for all these curious girls and women! So sometimes I secretly give priority to local girls, it’s much easier to arrange all of the logistics!
When I received an email from Emma, I knew that she would be perfect for a 48-hour Deal! Emma is an adult baby, she loves to wear diapers and cute clothing in real life (every day) and she wanted to try chastity! Specifically, she wanted to try PINK chastity (of course). And since there have been numerous member requests to see a Chastity Babe in diapers, this would be the perfect opportunity to film and photograph a small Deal with Babygirl Emma!
Her English is perfect, no subtitles needed, and Emma is indeed very cute and energetic! She can explain everything very well, so it is easy to understand what is going on in her mind! I locked her into tight pink full chastity, as I imagined babygirls aren’t allowed to touch any private parts, and Emma was super excited! She knew it was possible to use the toilet in a chastity belt, but it would be hard (the perforated secondary shield is not ideal, and can be a little messy when you are inexperienced). So a diaper would be perfect to catch any accidents and it looks great too!
Since Emma is used to wearing diapers every day, the chastity belt didn’t take much getting used to. It was just an extra layer for her. The chastity bra was a little harder, but Emma just loves pink so much that she decided to go through with this Deal, no matter what. I had no doubt that she would make it, she is very determined, funny, and naughty! She needs to be locked up much longer than 48 hours, maybe even permanently!


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  1. I hope you have a plan for the direction of this website.

    I don’t mean disrespect to those that are into diapers or adult babies, but it is not for me and I don’t think all kinks automatically mix well with others.

    Yes to chastity, plugs and teasing. No to diapers, restrictive bondage and pain.

    • I really enjoy the website and how updates vary and have different aspects – really helps keep it interesting and feeling new to me.

      Also good for us to give feedback to the webmaster. =)

    • I agree with Mike 100%

    • Mike te Director says:

      I tend to agree with Mike D on this. Not what “floats my boat”, but the picture and video set is interesting to see how well the belt fits under a fairly tight skirt.

      But: more of this? No thank you. There are far more scenarios to explore in the mainstream theme of chastity babes.


    • traumaemt says:

      Mike D:

      This website caters to all types of fetishes, that also include chastity belt, bra, and so forth.

      I like this update! I think Emma is beautiful, and with the pink chastity gear and the diapers, she is a totally cute Baby Girl!

    • I think she is really cute this way. It is nice this site is open to trying new things.

    • True… It’s the opposite of sexy to me… I could somehow tolerate the bear even though I wasn’t fond of it, but this is way too much… Sorry I’ll become a member for the 3rd time soon enough, but I won’t download this…

    • You van like or unlike an update, that’s your taste but everyone is different and can appreciate different fetish. Personally I don’t like plug sessions, that’s my taste but I don’t say anything when there is such an update.
      I’m a great fan of diapers so for me this update is just wonderful.

  2. LoveSteel says:

    A common thing to do with babies is to wrap them from head to toe. A nice inescapable sleepsack with inner arms would fit her perfect. And all the chastity gear must be locked on at all times of course. She must love this.

  3. I find diapers and pads very erotic! My own playpartner wear the pad or diaper inside the belt. That way the pad or diaper is rubbing her clit, and makes her even more excited!

  4. When I saw this Update I couldnt believe it for a moment. This is the combination of my two biggest kinks, so I certainly endorse it. However, I can see how this would totally not do it for many people. I applaud the webmaster for branching out, however, I would encourage him to consider potential negative reactions to this type of content. I definitely dont want him losing members.

    Also, get her a pacifier next time :P Nothing like a gal sucking something to get the blood flowing. :)

  5. OK…. My first reaction to this was: what a freak. Will I ever be able to enjoy my chastity fetishes again?
    However, my second thought was. I have to respect that different people have different fetishes. There are a lot of people out there who’d call me a freak.

    So my adult opinion on this update is:
    Even though I don’t like it personally, I appreciate it a lot that you go in
    different directions

  6. If she is a truem baby she should have a binkey at bed tine of course one that won’t fall out at night. may be she could more than one pacifier to make her sleep well.

  7. Emma says:

    I was so much fun and so frustrating to be belted like that :)))))

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