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English dialogueHere is some footage from Vina’s second day, she spent most of her time in the apartment reading and chatting on her tablet. It looked like she felt completely at home, she was moving around in her My-Steel belt quite comfortably, the big plug still inside her.
I decided to go in and ask her some more questions. She is just so cute and small! Even her collar looks big on her! In an ideal world, I would definitely keep her in this belt for years. I think everyone would love to own a little Vina. But sadly it isn’t really legal to own people anymore in most countries…
Vina was really cheerful, she has a very open mind. She does not actually mind being locked in a chastity belt with a plug for 7 days. She enjoys every minute of it. These hip style belts are always causing problems on the hip bones, which is why I prefer to use waist style belts for longer Chastity Deals, but even if it was a little uncomfortable on her hips, Vina did not complain. She can take just about anything, and she loves fetish and bondage! She is so much tougher than she looks! Which is not so hard with her looks, of course…

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  1. She’s not very talkative but I’m glad you’re interviewing her often. It’s interesting the way her eyes dance between you and the lens.

    It was also nice the way she tried to push the belt down in the last update. Not just for a second but for a little while. :)

    When you told Cobie that you lost your favorite pet. I wasn’t sure who you were talking about. I think I understand now. ;)

  2. Basil Blake says:

    She obviously enjoys her belt. I think the time has come for some outdoor experience… I like WenyNeko’s suggestion: trying two piece swimwear.

    And… her plug will surely reward each and every swimming movement… :-)

    • As always, I will suggest to put her in a leash for a nice stroll in a park. She really looks like a cute pussycat, and i love to chase little helpless pussycats! =) WOOF WOOF

      • I am allready chained in a shelter for chasing a lovely pussycat like Vina. If they can’t find my beloved owner “Miss Sonya” i will be given away for adoption…. =(

  3. I can second some troubles with VLC this time, sound does not work if you skip forward or backward in the file (I know that is buggy with some of the wmv codecs, always been), and the video also have some interlacing artefacts this time. The codec just isn’t on par with mp4 you have been using lately. (Older wmv’s works well though, I checked on a frustrated Natalia.)

    Besides that a nice update, and a lovely collar on her too.

  4. chastityman(claude) says:

    For me Vina is the best model with the fabulous Donna :)

    For me not problem with VLC, image and sound perfect.

  5. give her a diaper to put over the belt when going outside to avoid leakage if there is no place to pee. ask natalia about that issue and the choice of the best fitting ones ;)

  6. David Sellmon says:

    Was there a special reason to chose the hip style belt? I think the waist style looks kind of hotter because more bondage aesthetics, always thought the hip style is easier to wear on the other hand but you just told the opposite(?) Sorry, not trying to criticize you, just curious…

  7. Greatcornbow says:

    Lovely pix of her!

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