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Jenni C, one of the most beautiful and friendly girls on the planet, was very interested to learn that we had created a website where girls wear chastity belts without any bondage. She has always been intrigued by the idea of ‘protection’ as she calls it, and she has worn a belt a few times on

This is also the introduction of our modified chain style belt, you can read all about the belt on our Chastity Belts page. The main features are the chain rear section, the D-rings for various attachments like thigh bands and the double padlocks, to allow for dual keyholders! Jenni will show you all details, including the matching collar!

There has been some discussion about whether a girl should lock a belt on herself. Some members like it, some don’t. Well, Jenni is going to lock herself into this one (she does not have the keys anyway), just to show you how beautiful that can be, and believe us… she is stunning.

The belt is nice and tight on her, showing off her beautiful round ass and trapping her labia in the front shield. Please read about the belt on the Chastity Belts page before commenting on the chains between her buttocks ;-)


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  1. Chastityman says:


    I am a new subscriber, this site is really great.

    But why all the women put their chastity belt? chastity belts should be bet by a man or a woman and some denied that the girls should put a chastity belt and resisted.
    Should make videos like this.

    Thank you

  2. I love that she is wearing her collar too. It looks really good on her.

  3. Chastityman says:

    Why not make videos in places like the street or shops. Videos we could glimpse the chastity belts through clothes?

    Otherwise I find your website absolutely fantastic.

    Many Thanks

  4. I like the movies, but I would like to hear the girls speaking, also I think a storyline where a girl is trapped in the belt or something else is cool.
    The story could be, the girl get a package with the belt and perhaps a collar and wrist and ankle cuffs.
    She take it on, and when she wear it, she realize that the key is not in the package

  5. Webmaster says:

    Members, since we are receiving a lot of questions about this, please note picture 105 in the set to see how the labia are protected by the front shield. It is just a beautiful sight, especially on dear Jenni :)

  6. Women put their clothes on after they take a shower, therefore they are capable of locking up their own chastity belt!

  7. Where’s the thigh bands and chastity bra?

  8. Where do you get that belt? I am looking into purchasing a female belt but I like this one.

  9. georgehs53 says:

    Id still like to see Jenni C lock herself in a well fitting thong style belt – the design means that it would be nice and tight on her, the rear cable would run down between her buttocks really framing her beautiful round ass and firmly pressing her labia into the front shield.

    Maybe Sarah could lend her drop waist Tollyboy which would be a treat on Jenni – she is a great looking girl

  10. great she is collared – my main interest isent cb but if the girls often enough are collared i will probably be forced to join the site…

  11. Francis says:

    This is a very interesting website! I have a 21 year old daughter who wants to keep her chastity until she marries. I padlock her jeans so she can not take them off when she goes out and I keep a close eye on her.
    But these belts are looking so much more interesting. Can I buy a belt for my daughter? Will it fit?
    Or can I sign up my daughter for a few weeks in such a belt (I will come along)? She is tall and blonde and she has done some modelling.
    Please contact me.

    Francis, 46 years old

    • georgehs53 says:

      sounds like a good plan….perhaps you would both like to feature in a shoot….locked up ……you must be curious…

    • Annette says:

      Yes, it would work.
      If your daughter worn steel chastity belt, you wouldn’t have to lock/unlock her jeans all the time, but lock the belt once for longer period, being sure she is chaste.
      You can take her measurements and order a belt from some known manufacturers.
      Btw, I’m wondering what’s the make of the belt shown here?
      See few of them at the eBay, but no clue about manufacturer.

    • Francis, God bless your daughter for wanting to be pure. She ought to be kept in a chastity belt even after she marries, whenever her spoouse is away. She will feel SO loved and protected!

  12. esta menina fica ainda mais bonita com o cinto de castidade e nota-se que o usa com prazer, para ficar divina falta-lhe um soutien de castidade e já agora podiam inserir um dildo ou dois para inserir nos seus belos orificios e obriga-la a dormir com o cinto de castidade.

  13. Forestier says:

    If people start writing in Portuguese or German, I will write in French…

  14. I translate the text, but somebody, I suposse the board, deleted it. It is better for all the members that everybody speak in English even if it costs us more effort. I am not good in English, but is the best for comunity.

  15. She is very pretty!!

  16. Hi Jenni, you are very beautyfull!! I would be very glad to hear from you soon!
    Lot’s of greetings from Germany

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