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It almost didn’t happen, but our favorite Chastity Babe is back in Holland for her yearly 30-day Deal!! Her health is not as it should be, but she was determined to come to Amsterdam again! After a lot of trouble, she is finally here, and I hope you are as thrilled as I am!
Even though she was very tired from the flight, I did not waste any time and sat her down for a quick interview and her first glance at the gear she would be locked into! Donna was intrigued by the new style belt, a Carrara design that has been custom made for her tiny body. The belt is very light weight, and the incredible shape means there will be no pressure on her hips (her main discomfort last year). The belt has some disadvantages too, it doesn’t have an anal opening and is harder to clean, but this year there will be a different regime, allowing for more cleaning breaks and hygiene. Also, there’s always Donna’s custom red My-Steel if things don’t work out.
Donna’s main concern is not the belt, she can handle any chastity belt for 30 days, no problem. She was a little scared by the round slave collar that was waiting for her next to the belt. This triple weight slave collar (‘collar of O’) was funded and requested by a very generous fan. It weighs a hefty 666 grams, which is a lot for such a tiny girl. It was custom made and it is truly one of a kind. It will probably take Donna a few days to get used to this weight. She also thought it was really cold, but that will of course quickly be solved by wearing it.
Donna locked herself in both items, and I grabbed the keys. Our number 1 Chastity Babe is back again and she looks awesome in her new gear! On to new adventures!!


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  1. Donna fan says:

    She gets more beautiful every year, good Luck With Your deal donna. we are all so happy u are back :)

  2. fokusnik says:

    Wow, if that isn’t a cause for celebration, I don’t know what is !!
    Welcome back Donna, è un piaccere di vederti (it’s a pleasure to see you).

  3. I don’t really like the design of this belt :(

    • fokusnik says:

      Truthfully, having watched the video, I’m not all that thrilled with it either. I think that one of the previous belts (especially the more ergonomic one) would be better.
      Of course, it depends on how Donna feels about it !

    • If you take into consideration who the manufacturer
      is and the missing anal opening, i have to unforunately agree that is not the best design.
      good to know the my steel is still available as backup, it seems to be the one with the better design.

    • David Sellmon says:

      Yeah, I don’t like the belt either. I guess now it’s up to Donna if she wants to switch back to the old style, after all she’s got the last word over the choice of her belt.

      Also sorry to hear about her health. Donna, I wish you all the best and get well soon!

  4. It’s the same for me. I’m a great fan of Donna but I don’t really like the design of Carrara’s belts.

  5. It’s great to see Donna back i love her collar cool. But must say the new belt i do not like, the padlock on waist looks like will be digging in to her waist when she lays on her front. I like the last pink belt loads better. Good luck donna

  6. So happy Donna is back, but I’m sad to hear of her health problems. Hope she gets better soon while she’s in Amsterdam!

  7. Now that’s great news
    Just need a pair of plugs for that belt and a chastity bra

  8. How does Donna to go to the bathroom?

  9. LazyGoat says:

    Although I do agree that you should have ordered the consept belt rather than this version. First belt on this site:
    But nevertheless, great to see Donna back and just had to order a new subscription for this!

  10. I love the interview. Capturing her initial reactions and thoughts was beautiful.

    I think the only smile bigger than mine was hers, when you took her keys. :)

    • I like your choice of belt for Donna’s visit. It looks like a more rigid style of fancysteel and most people liked that one. .

      One of the best things about this site is the variety of both chastity devices and scenarios.

      Thank you for the beautiful update. It promises to be an interesting summer! :)

  11. slavelabor says:

    Do you have contact info for the maker of that lovely collar?

  12. Ingemar says:

    Hope for your recovery Donna!

  13. I agree with you! The belt does not look good. This challenge is to easy for her! She should have a My Steele HeavyLine belt instead! With a thickness of 6 mm and a weight of 2,4 kg it would be a real challenge for her!
    To quote the My Steele website: “The model is a marvelous instrument for adult education.” A 10 day challenge with that belt would be enough for her.
    But the collar is nice!

  14. I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve watched the last 4min & 13sec. Right at the end, as it fades out… That smile and pose…

    Dear god she looks amazing!!

    Like someone you could know… A friend.

    Who’s seriously curious about chastity and needs a keyholder….

    Did I mention she looks amaz… Oh wait…, yep,covered that.

    I can’t wait for the next installment. :)

    • Well ya The webmaster, his assistant(‘s) and Donna have known each other for years now.

      I have to agree about the new belt as far as bathroom functionality gos: This model looks to be a new spin on the basic Carrara and doesn’t even look very hygienic even for urination.

      Ariel showcased a deluxe model for your 300th update featuring a rinsing tube.

      Another more important feature for long term wear is comfort: She said it was the most bearable one she’s worn even though it was the deluxe model which looks much heavier.

      If anyone on this website deserves a belt design for long term wear its Donna

  15. Teaser text has never been more aptly named. I can’t get that statement out of my head.

    What did he mean by that??

    That can mean many different things. Can be applied in many different ways. Can include many different types of accessories, from simple to complicated.

    The change could range from minimal to complete. Such a simple statement, so many questions. Maybe it was a throw away comment, maybe there’s nothing to it.

    But I just can’t let it go. Like a dog with a bone. Three days now.

    What did he mean by that??

    Am I the only one with this question searing their brain? Should I ask in a comment what others think? Does the webmaster want a change to be a surprise or a topic of discussion or nothing of any consequence?

    I think about the comment and have so many questions. I think about the questions and have so many more. The clock is moving so slow now. Wednesday feels so far away.

    What did he mean by that??

    Then, admittedly, I panicked a little. What if the next update isn’t even Donna. How long till we know what it entails. Two updates, three, four…. How many days?… The clock is moving so slow, the calendar is completely stopped now.

    You know what… Maybe it’s nothing… But I picture you taking the keys and Donna smiling and I think about the comment again.

    “this year there will be a different regime”

  16. arakell says:

    So amazing to see Donna back!

    I must agree however with the majority of prior posters that the belt is rather ugly. While I understand that Donna’s comfort is an important point, and support that notion wholeheartedly, I can’t imagine there weren’t any more visually appealing choices for the belt (AFAIK, even My-Steel makes more ergonomic designs, don’t they? And I think most will agree they look rather good).
    And the need to take it off with every toilet break… seems like the opposite of what a proper chastity belt should be like.

    The collar on the other hand looks awesome, but does seem pretty extreme. However judging from the (hopefully non-fiction) examples on the internet it should be possible to get adjusted to, so go Donna! We believe in you :)

    I won’t hide, that I’d love to see more chastity items added, such as a chastity bra, and maybe even thigh bands, but obviously this is supposed to be a challenge, not a torture, so if at all, then probably only gradually, and with option to cancel if found too extreme. So more like, putting it in challenge terms: “a challenge to see how many extra items are possible to (relatively) comfortably live with” :D

    After all, one thing is wanting the most, and the other is keeping things reasonable. Not to mention keeping everyone happy.

  17. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, but I would like to share a life lesson I’ve learned and ask a question.

    Like everyone else, I’ve had situations present themselves that I’ve avoided because I initially didn’t like it.

    Then several unique situations presented that I couldn’t easily dismiss. In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t miss them, they turned out to be some of my fondest memories. While I can’t say I never make a snap judgment anymore, I now let it play out more than, what are we at 11 minutes, before deciding.

    Using Donna as an example, she found herself in a situation she didn’t like but couldn’t easily dismiss. So she played it out. Now we are celebrating her annual visit. I’m so glad she let it play out, that she didn’t make a snap judgment and leave.

    One more thing, with a new belt comes some procedural changes. I’m insanely curious what that means. Are you?? Real chastity play is about more than how a belt looks initially.

    Now a question. If you met Donna in a café, got to talking and hit it off. But she has this secret she’s afraid to share. But you seem so open that she tells you, shows you the new belt she just bought.

    Would you play it out? Or would you tell her it looked ugly? Would you make a decision after 11 minutes? Would you find things you liked about it or would you focus on what you didn’t like? What comment would you have for her??

  18. Is it possible to learn the name of the generous fan responsible for the collar? If it’s not to much trouble, I would like to have a private chat about commissioning some custom work.

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