chastity belt 

Frustrated by her ordeal, Jade is outside her motel room, smoking a cigarette. She smokes a lot more now she is locked in a chastity belt with 2 plugs inside her. So maybe being double plugged is not good for your health… who knows?
Jade comments on how her Chastity Deal is almost over, and that’s a good thing, because she is ready to explode! She feels the plugs with every step she takes, and sitting down or bending over makes the anal plug go in deeper! She mutters some more before going back inside, it is too cold to smoke any more cigarettes.
Lying down on her bed, she finds out that she can move the belt a little, making the plugs go in and out, maybe just a centimeter. Although she gets a little pleasure from this, it is not nearly enough to make her cum. Even more frustrated, she gives up and grabs the tv remote. But the cheap motel tv doesn’t work… Jade almost loses it, tugging on the tv cables and shaking the tv, but it is dead.
There is nothing else to do for her… she will just have to go to sleep again, with two 4-ball metal plugs locked deep inside her. She really hopes this Deal will be over soon now, it is getting to her!!

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  1. she spends every day to use chastity belt with 2 plug 4 ball. How does she do shit and piss?

  2. Basil Blake says:

    I’m sure the stimulation and arousal she gets is just a perfect compensation for all the discomfort…

    The more vids I watch, the more I like the idea of “filled” girls. Hope that Donna will be back soon and agree to a long term vaginal plug challege. I would also love to see a supervised cleaning and shaving break… :-)

  3. LazyGoat says:

    I was just wondering about the daily bathroom break…
    Is the entire belt removed or just the butt plug so the vaginal plug stays in all the time?

  4. Michael says:

    Jade, you are brave. I have a better challenge for Jade. Belted, double plugged for ten days and no cigarettes.

  5. LoveSteel says:

    Looks great already. But please add the steel bra also. Then is will be perfect!

  6. slavelabor says:

    The bra and the collar.

  7. She mentioned that the TV didn’t even have many plugs in it. I wonder if it’s more or less than the # of plugs in Jade? : )

  8. Please, I want her to wear rubber cat suit, rubber long gloves, rubber long tights.
    I think full chastity device and rubber wear are the most beautiful chastity style.

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