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Let’s take a little break from Jade Indica’s adventure today, I wanted to remind you that our number 1 Chastity Babe is almost here! Admittedly, Donna is a little strange, returning to Amsterdam year after year to be locked in a chastity belt, but returning to Italy every winter because it is too cold for her in Holland!
I just want to make clear that Donna has always contacted me about coming back (I never contact her or push her), and she is always free to leave at any moment, although she will have to leave the apartment and her free food and drinks if she wants out of her chastity belt. The belt never seems to bother her that much! To her, no self stimulation or sex is a small price to pay for a solution to the financial problems in her home country. Granted, the first year she was here (in 2012 her pink belt), she barely made it and she felt quite uncomfortable about hygiene, cameras, and the steel belt on her hips, but in 2014 she overstayed her initial 30-day contract by 140 days!! I wonder how long she will stay here this time!
I have a great new belt style waiting for her, it is lightweight and will not hurt her hips as much as the My-Steel. There is also a slave collar, as requested by many members, custom made and quite heavy! She will have to wear it all the time, just like the belt. A bra will probably be added if she can not behave (Donna often self stimulates by touching her boobs), but it is very hard for her to sleep in a chastity bra. We will see how it goes!
In the mean time, enjoy this cheerful update that was never published last year: Donna started to be interested in photography, one day she took my camera and went on a field trip, and I followed her around. This update will also be available for download on Donna’s Blog if you want to support her directly (but without the bonus boob flash, because her blog uses Paypal). I hope you are just as excited as I am for Donna’s return!

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  1. Michael says:

    I really like Donna. What kind of activities will Donna participate in? I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets recognized in public and people get their picture taken with her.

  2. I hope the bandwith can take the number of downloads, when she returns.
    I think all of us will want to see her return, the moment i have been waiting for way too long.
    Have you thought of staying here Donna, you got my support.
    Can not wait to see your new belt, hope to see a brand new never seen before jewel like belt.

  3. Ingemar says:

    Please tell us at least one week before so we can stay tuned!

  4. fokusnik says:

    Can’t wait for Donna to get back !
    I would love to be the one taking photos of her in her belt, that’s for sure.
    Looking forward to the new contract, though I PERSONALLY think that it’s better to let her go out in public WITHOUT a collar or anything quite so obvious, just so that it’s a bit more of a secret between her and the photographer (lucky sod) and the members.
    In any event, can’t wait for her to be back.
    E sempre un piaccere di vedere Donna ! (it’s always a pleasure to see Donna)

  5. chastityman says:

    When a video and photo with Donna and Vina ? For me this two girls are fantastic.

    • Charon says:

      I agree. In fact, I brought this up several weeks ago- I think it would be fantastic for Donna and Vina to spend some time together, both belted of course.

    • Tukker says:

      I think it would be fun to see those two together.

  6. Charon says:

    I’m looking forward to Donna’s return as well, she’s been a favorite of mine since she initially came on the site.

  7. Ingemar says:

    Donna, it´s great you new interest in photo, that would be a good excuse for you to take trips downtown Amsterdam to fill your album, maybe you even could show us some of your photos.

  8. Drinking alcohol is also easy when you get used to it. =) The bra must be really hard to get used to i think. But i’m just a man so i would not know.

    I’m more curious about her collar. Is it big (it is supposed to be heavy)? How will people react when they se her wearing it? Could she be chained?

    • By the way, do you wear a collar?

      • With all that gear, collar, bra and belt plus 16 padlocks (and other stuff) that you have mentioned before, i doubt that you will pass airport security! =)

        With a ring at the front of your collar, does that mean that you are/have been chained or leashed?

  9. Can’t wait to see Donna back, and to see what new adventures she gets up to and what new challenges you have in store for her!

  10. I love the outfit. It’s perfect for conceal/reveal, I hope she brings it with her.

    I wonder how her picture of you turned out :)

  11. Intermittent Subscriber says:

    One thing I think might be really cool is if Donna were allowed some limited self or applied stimulation, but not to the point of orgasm. Arguably the second plugged updates in her last stay did rather a good job at this. Chastity is much more frustrating if you actually get a tantalising taste of what you’re missing now and then!

    Donna seems like a really warm and lovely person, so it feels a bit cruel to suggest this… But I’d just love to see more of her frustrated!

    Obviously if this isn’t something she’d be comfortable with then I completely understand and respect that. But she seemed fairly OK with the plugged updates, which is why I thought this might be a workable idea.

    Hope you and Donna are both doing well!

  12. She looks so good in low cut jeans

  13. David Sellmon says:

    That’s all great news and I’m so looking forward to the deal!

    Just an idea, maybe you could offer Donna after one month or so to swap her collar with a chastity bra, if the collar annoys her already that might be some good motivation!

  14. Great to hear – and as a not so hardcore chasity fan i am delighted to hear a collar will be part of her challange this year.
    What collar will it be??

    Alex from DK

    • Roland says:

      Poor Donna, it is a really heavy one made of half inch thick rounded steel with an O-ring in front and a padlock in the back. But i do not know the manufacturer.

  15. It will be great to see donna back for more updates and I love to see her wear ankle cuff that are chained to her thigh band and if needed a spreader bar

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