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English dialogueAs promised, here is the original Casting that came before Vina’s shoot and her Plug Challenge. I don’t think any of you would believe me if I said that Vina actually emailed ME about spending time in chastity, but hopefully there will soon be an opportunity to ask her herself. I did not contact her. She sent a very shy email about her secret wish to spend a long time in chastity and metal bondage. I had to slow her down a little because she wanted to come over for a few months!
As much as I like to host girls in Amsterdam, in exchange for being locked in metal and chastity gear, it is probably better to do a short Casting with them to find out if they really want to do this. With Vina, there was no doubt! She is a pure submissive, and after this Casting, she did a shoot for, and then spent the rest of the weekend in her super tight chastity belt (voluntarily adding an anal plug!!). I was sad she had to fly back to the UK after only a few days (19-year old girls tend to have to go to school), and yes… in this case I would have loved to keep her in Holland for a few more weeks.
The only thing we can hope for is that Vina will be back soon! Her tight chastity gear (the smallest ever!) is still waiting for her return, and there are many more challenges for her to try! Double plugs come to mind… plus whatever you (the members) can come up with for this cute tiny sub! Don’t hold back, Vina will love reading your suggestions, the more challenging the better, and it will hopefully make her come back sooner!


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  1. You mentioned previously that she would breeze thru a deal with an ergonomic belt. Is acquiring one still a possibility?

  2. Lothlorien says:

    Don’t hold back? Well you asked for it.

    “Members vote for release” challenge, like Amarantha, but with a remote controlled vibrator, the controls to which are digitally granted to a random member every day. (You could do this with a WeVibe and a smartphone; perhaps lock the smartphone in a clear case in the room so that Vina can’t change the settings, but it can still communicate with the WeVibe). I’d recommend some kind of live feed to go along with it.

  3. How about a nipple vibrator locked under the steel bra?

  4. Love the idea of a vote for release

  5. MetalFashion says:

    I would love to see her with long and thight spiral bracelets on both her upper arms, maybe chained to her collar!

  6. Well, I like the idea of vina being plugged with 2 plugs. Another idea would be to go out while being plugged.

  7. chastityman says:

    Vina is fantastic and the belt is tight and perfectly ajusted;

  8. On a different note, as Vina is interested in a prolonged deal, how about having her try while Donna is there? The 2 of them interacting, offering support, staying together could help Vina come out of her shell. After all, look how reserved and shy Donna was the first time. Both in chastity belts and bras, not to mention they are both very cute, could make for some interesting viewing.

    • On one hand, I like the idea of the vote for release like Amarantha’s deal last year. On the other, I’d prefer the deal while Donna is there – she reminds me of Donna’s first time and having someone with experience might be helpful.

      I would disagree about the bras though – probably something best kept to short-term deals.

      Either way, more Vina!

    • Lothlorien says:

      If both of them are there, I think some sort of competition for release or orgasm would be pretty amazing – punctuated by frequent teasing, of course.

      • YES YES YES!! LOVE IT! Vina and Donna as a team
        There is a benefit for both of them, vina can interact with an experienced wearer, Donna is not alone during her half year stay!.
        Love it!

  9. roadie12 says:

    a good suggestion of voting for her release; how about making her an assistant like Dominique when school breaks

  10. Why don’t you get her a mysteel belt and then send her home, and make sure she sends you the key by mail… then she is locked and no one can change that except you!

  11. haloslave says:

    vote for release

    thigh bands for sure

    carrera belt would be AWESOME

  12. it would be good to see curve females not just skinny ones wear one. but I do like it even being curve

  13. pluglover says:

    I really like this submissive young girl!
    And if she’ll come back to shoot I really like to see her double plugged and I also highly interested in seeing her going out in a public place (supermarket, clothes store etc) while being plugged maybe along with a collar!!! Do you think that’ll be possible???

  14. bring her to the boundcon in munich!!!!

  15. MetalFashion says:

    Why dont you lock her in a Latowski belt and bra for 48 hours?

  16. Wrist cuff and Ankle cuff will look nice with thigh high boots and opera gloves.

  17. At least ten extra points to her for choosing an orange dress when heading for the Netherlands.

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