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English dialogueLittle 18-year old Vina from the UK wrote me a very sweet and funny email. She was so curious to try a chastity belt, she couldn’t wait any longer, she just HAD to come over to Amsterdam and stay in the famous apartment!
Vina is possibly the most shy and submissive girl ever! However, she knows what she wants, and she wants to try it all! She is very tiny, and she speaks in a very soft voice. Her looks remind me of blonde Donna (the first time Donna came over to Holland). I had to resize a belt to some super small settings to make it unbelievably tight on Vina’s body. She wanted the belt to be as tight as possible.
Vina also wanted to try locking in a 4-ball steel plug. I gave her a choice: the plug was detached from the belt when she arrived, so she could choose to put it in the anal or vaginal position. I won’t give away her choice here, members can watch the video clip and see Vina’s naughty eyes whens she is playing with the plug to make her decision. You’ll love how she looks up at the camera, almost embarrased about her choice.
The funniest part about Vina is: all she really wanted to do is study. She had a lot of essays to write and textbooks to read! She thought it would be nice to have a quiet apartment, and no sexual distractions (having read that a chastity belt heightens mental focus and concentration). It was brilliant having her over, in a super tight belt, watching her study… knowing that there is a large metal plug locked inside her!
Vina loves to give away control, having other people make decisions for her. It is incredible to find new girls like this! I have a feeling Vina will be very popular with the members, she thoroughly enjoys being belted and plugged! I really want to get her over for a longer Chastity Deal, so I hope you will request for her to come back. Watch the video and let me know in the comments!

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  1. she do have the cuteness factor, and looks very shy yet so rebelious mind. I hope she will be back for a long deal. And yes she do remind me of Donna’s first apperence. It would be intersting to see such shy girl do a longterm plug deal. I can’t imagine how she will react after seeing how girls like Natalie reacted.

  2. chastityman says:

    This new model is so pretty :)

  3. Absolutely brilliant ! She definitely needs to stay longer.
    Did she leave the apartment at all with the belt and plug in place ?

  4. Beautiful young woman. Outwardly demure but a definite underlying boldness. Very nice choice for a new Chastitybabe. I hope the situation wasn’t as dry as it appeared though.

  5. Great video. Please belt her more.

  6. You are late today :)

  7. I love how she already knew how the belt works! Must be an enthusiast herself!

  8. chastityman says:

    Great video, the belt is perfectly ajusted. For me,Vina is now the best model of this site with Donna.

  9. So cute! Vina is a winner. Interesting that she first tried where she wanted the plug, before she decided.

    In the end, it looks like she regretted it a bit.

  10. If she wants to come back and do a deal, I highly suggest that it waits until Donna is back. Donna’s been through it all before and could probably give more guidance than any other model who has appeared on the site before.

  11. how girls can pee while there is a plug inside there vagina?? I

    • Hmm maybe you should study basic anatomy :) Or ask yourself: how can girls pee while wearing a tampon?
      Anyway, I can reveal now that the plug is not in her vagina anyway :)

      • Ok Wendy you realllllllllly need to get a subscription. You love this site so much you can not really justify not joining. Being a student is not an excuse for someone who loves the site so much.
        The videos can tell you so much more than the texts. This update is about Vina choosing where she places the plug inside the belt (anal or vaginal slot).

        • The teaser text and photos are nice but if you don’t see the video you miss her inquisitive look when she first sits down with the belt, the little smile she gives the camera after making her choice, the look of apprehension when it’s time to put it on, her determination getting it on and exploring her situation afterwards.

          It really needs to be seen to be appreciated.

  12. I’m thinking what Vina would have done, if she were offered TWO plugs! ;)

    She should come back and get to choose!

  13. Im not a big fan of pluggs or anal stuff. BUt I would love to see Vina stay for a longer deal. She is realy sweet.

  14. That poor girl – I can’t believe you only gave her one plug.

    It’s clear the decision wasn’t which hole gets plugged, but which hole misses out!

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