chastity belt 

English dialogueAaaaaw it is such a shame I had to give the keys to Vina eventually… But you can’t wear an anal plug forever, sadly enough. Vina is such a lively wide-eyed curious young girl, just watching this video, her soft shy voice, her smile, her waving goodbye, will cheer you up for sure!!
I did not leave her for 8 hours, I came back after only a few, and found her on her bed, completely naked and trying to study. I asked her why she had taken off all of her clothes, Vina simply replied ‘I was hot’. Fair enough :) The tiny 18-year old looked at me, full of expectations. If I would have told her she would remain locked for a few more hours, she would have accepted it – Vina is a pure submissive. But I could sense the pressure on her hips was too much, and I have to agree: this belt was as tight as it could be. That’s great for pushing in the anal plug very deep, but the pressure on her hip bones was hurting her, and it is not the goal of this website to hurt girls.
I gave Vina the keys, very reluctantly, I wish I could have kept her locked forever, but she was only over for a short stay (a test, which she passed beyond expectations). She was very relieved to be able to open her chastity belt and take the pressure off. The anal plug came out quite easily, at which point we both realised how big it was compared to Vina’s body size. The plug must have been in her so deep, the largest ball stretching her quite a bit, and she did not complain about this even once!
When I asked her if she would like to come back soon for a Chastity Deal (perhaps with 2 plugs?), she just smiled and whispered ‘maybe’… but look at her eyes when she says this… she would love to come back! You can tell Vina is in her experimenting phase, she would actually breeze through a 2-plug Chastity Deal if I get her an ergonomic waist belt. This girl is amazing, simple as that. Let’s hope she will return soon, because there’s just no one else who is so cute, submissive, and dedicated as Vina! Please leave your comments below, she has been reading them since I started publishing her Challenge! If you want her back, now is the time to say so!!

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  1. Wow you commented after only a few minutes, you must have been pressing F5 since this morning!

    • I will send you a bandwidth bill ;)

      • WendyNeko is probobly the most fanatic fan of this website since she is first to coment (almost) every time. Since she is a student, and probobly does’nt have a lot of money i sugest you should give her a mounths free subscibtion! (or at least some discount)

        Or why not invite her for a challange asap? She probobly need the money, or give her a chastitybelt sice i know she wants a new one. I bet she is great!

    • 2016 is a long time. Is there any chance that you could speed up studies a little bit? =)

  2. Very nice.

    It is indeed a shame you cannot keep someone locked with an anal plug for long.
    I wish someone would design a chastitybelt with a second shield that holds the anal plug and hinges in the back.
    That way the wearer can take the plug out but because of the hinged plate she can only wear pants or skirts if she gets the hinged plate out of the way by putting the plug back in.

    I hope to see Vina again.

  3. Absolutely yes she should come back ! And for a longer challenge, maybe a front plug would be easier. Sure, both would be better, but…!!
    And of course, we would need some footage of her outside of the apartment with the belt on and the plug(s) in place.
    Great update, and a lovely young lady.

  4. I hope to see Vina again.

  5. slavelabor says:

    Well done young pup, hurry back

  6. Thank you for these shoots with Vina, please bring her back soon!

  7. chastityman says:

    I am a very lucky man because I had the chance to see pictures of wendy with her chastity belt.

    You remember me, Wendy?

    Chastityman / claude

  8. It would be disappointing if she didn’t return but I don’t think she’s the type of person to disappoint her fans.

  9. jason collins says:

    PLEASE get Vina an chastity belt custom made so she can come back to do a double plug chastity deal, she is very, very sweet and a sub any man would love to have

  10. were you thinking about a butt plug with hole thru that might be worn for longer time with the cb, like

  11. Would love to see more from her.

    Maybe a real deal without plug? For some weeks?

    She is a loavly, submissiv girl. Give her some more time please.

    Thank you.

    Greetz Hilmus

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