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English dialogueSo little Vina decided to place the plug in the rear slot of the belt. This meant I couldn’t keep her in the belt for long, but 8 hours would be a great start (after already shooting a lot in an unplugged belt in the morning).
She just wanted to be left alone with her textbooks, and I left the apartment with her keys, not long after locking her in her tiny tight belt. The static camera caught her moments of awkwardness, as she was constantly reminded of the steel anal plug… when sitting down, when lying down to study… the plug remained rigid inside her as her belt pulled down on her hipbones. An anal plug can not slide as much as a vaginal one, nor does it need to. She tried to move it with her fingers, trying to push the belt up, but it was too tight. Her labia were protruding through the empty front shield slot as she tried to wiggle the plug.
I returned after a short while, concerned about my youngest Chastity Babe, to check if she was still alright. Vina is so shy, I decided to do something I have never done before: I would talk to her on camera! She really needed help to tell us about her situation, and she is so submissive and soft-spoken I nearly had to drag all the answers out of her! So cute! You won’t believe this video until you have watched it till the end. And you will want to watch it again!
The tightness of the belt (which SHE had requested mind you, she even made me tighten it a few times during the fitting) was taking its toll on her hip bones. She didn’t seem to mind the plug at all, but she couldn’t get used to the pressure. I told her she was out of luck… and that I would leave her to her studies for 8 hours… (I didn’t really stay away for 8 hours, don’t worry, but the look on her face was priceless!). Don’t miss this video! You will LOVE it!

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  1. Wow, seriously… any footage of the trip out of the apartment ? I would love to see her walking around town with her belt and plug.
    Still, wonderful and beautiful new Chastity Babe !
    But she needs a longer challenge, maybe without a plug.
    But then again…….!

  2. Not a perforated second shield over her labia?

  3. You did talk to a model on camera once before. You interviewed Donna at the end of her first visit. I always hoped you would do that again. Thank you. Great update!!

  4. Locked_inSteel says:

    In looking at the bottom-right photo of this page, the oval opening does not appear to be centered over her anus, as a result, the pin of the plug is extremely close to the latch of the slot… should the plug detach from the slot it can be sucked inside.

    I would align the oval anus opening of her chastity belt so that the plug’s locking pin has a safe clearance from the latch hole on the slotted secondary shield, throughout the body range of motion!

    • The latch is aligned so the plug can not come out if the secondary shield is locked on. Unfortunately, you are right, and on these belts it might still happen. There is a lot of pressure on it. But since Vina was very small there were no more holes to align the openings any better than this. She deserves her own custom belt if she comes back!

  5. I’d love to see more of Vina, she looks so cute!

  6. please have her come back and make a custom belt for her!!!

  7. Really really good model and video. Next time fully nude and collared please. Also, can we have some still sets? Not instead of video but in addition to it? There don’t seem to have been many recently.

  8. Wonderful model. Chastity bra added to the CB outfit would be great. A walk in public in full gear would be awesome.

  9. You know, if you can get the girl to take a through enema before plugging, you can atleast keep them analy pugged for 24 hours, comfortably. Personal practical record was around 48 hours. But for one whole day and night atleast is easy.

    In other news, Vina with a vaginal plug would be awesome, or just a longer deal would be fine as well.
    I like the surprises you bring now and then.


  10. Probably the best model so far.
    She is just so cute.
    More please!


  11. Crusher says:

    Those lips pouting through the slit was the only reason I subscribed to this site, although I’ve been following it since the beginning! Please have Vina come back, she’s a star in the making! (Member)

  12. The quietest voices have the loudest minds :)

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