chastity belt 

Yep, Victoria Sweet was in big trouble! She had belted herself in a FancySteel belt, and she would only receive the key if she would go outside, show the belt to a member of the public and get her picture taken with him/her!!
Although the belt was pretty comfortable and well fitted, Victoria kept fighting the belt during her walk outside. She wanted to get the key as quickly as possible, but she wasn’t very lucky that day. We went to a supermarket, but it was closed! There was absolutely no one around, only a few people passing in their cars. Victoria wasn’t even looking for people anyway, she just kept begging for the keys, and when I said no, she tried to break the belt (like she always does). Luckily, these FancySteel belts are pretty solid and they can withstand a very agressive girl with ease.
I had to make it clear again: the only way out was to get her picture taken with someone. But we just could not find any people around the area where I had taken her! Finally, when we were walking all the way back to the studio, we spotted a guy loading something in the trunk of his car. He had his eye on Victoria even before she lifted her shirt to flash her chastity belt. This grinning dude would be perfect, and Victoria knew it. She passed him at first, allowing him to take a good look at the belt, then approached him to ask if he would pose for a quick picture with her. I bet you all wished you had been there that day, this sure was a lucky guy! I promised him to send him the picture as well, and we went off to the warm studio again. Nice work Victoria!! It is a tiny step in getting female chastity accepted by the general public, but every little bit helps!


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  1. Stephen Miletus says:

    Why so few people out? Was this shot on a Sunday?

  2. I would have asked her out had I been the lucky guy!

  3. I looked at the pictures, and this man must be Europe’s happiest during the moment he had to be close to Victoria.

  4. Victoria should wear the chastity bra as well next time.

  5. Well… don’t know if the guy understood what the belt was for! But really: He should be asked whether HE would like to unlock her now, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If you do not want others to unlock the belt, at least he should have the chance to decide the length of her lockup within reasonable limits.

  6. Jaberwocky says:

    Perhaps a second time you could sent her (or someone else) out with a form to collect a few signatures in order to get free. The form of course will explain why she require those signatures. On the form it can also be explained that they should not feel obliged to sign as she is locked at her own choice in the first place. Optional you can make a difference between signatures from men and signatures from women and have her collect a few (1 to 3) from each.

    Just some devious thoughts of mine. Hopefully this idea is useful or might perhaps serve as inspiration.

  7. joe6bull says:

    “It is a tiny step in getting female chastity accepted by the general public…”

    Well, this is what your work and website is helping too.

    A good mission for mankind …

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