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Remember our top belt fighter Victoria Sweet? She looks very cute (and even her name is very innocent), but she is probably the most agressive girl on the website! As soon as the lock snaps shut, Victoria changes into some kind of Hulk, trying to get the belt off with all her might, using every method she can think of!
She often ends up sulking and giving me the finger (classic Victoria Sweet), and it is even dangerous to approach her when she is in a chastity belt (or in bondage!). Still, she is like all girls, she needs cash for her fancy clothes and huge phone bill! So I made her an unusual proposal. Victoria will have to lock herself into a FancySteel chastity belt, go outside and show the belt to at least one member of the public and take a picture with him/her showing her belt!
In this update, you will see Victoria reluctantly belting herself. She was amazed, seeing a FancySteel belt for the first time in her life. It was a good fit on her, the waist was nice and tight. She tried to cheat by putting it on over her clothes (to be fair, that wasn’t in the contract, so she was right to try that), but the crotch part did not fit, because the wire needs to go between her butt cheeks.
And what perfect butt cheeks she has by the way!! Victoria Sweet has an incredible body, and she looks so cute in a chastity belt! If not for all the agression, she would be a perfect chastity babe. Anyway, she will have to go outside and show the belt to someone. Until she does, she will not get the key back! Will Victoria overcome her anger and shame? Find out on Friday!!


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  1. Wow. This might be the best challenge for a challenging girl.

    Victoria, face your fears head on, get your picture taken with one person in public and you might all of a sudden have lots of people wanting to be pictured with you! Have fun with this challenge.

  2. This is what she was wearing.

  3. This is the belt for Donna!
    Great news that she is coming back, please just the belt, no plugs or bra or whatever, just her in a daily life situation wearing this jewel of an belt, PLEASE WEBMASTER PLEASE!!!!!

    Signed, her nr 1 fan!!

    • FancySteel is still a prototype, it is not secure. She could masturbate in this belt, not what we want. Sorry.

      • I would really like to see her in a rigid style super ergonomic *hip* style belt.

      • High Command says:

        A carrara would be something really special.

      • Steelpants says:

        Donna coming back for half a year! That’s something!

        My three criteria to a perfect “Donna experience”:
        1) Security – no masturbation, no touching!
        2) Comfort – Long term wear without chafing etc.
        3) Credibility – we, the subscribers of the site, should know when and for how long the belt was off, for any reason!

        For me it looked that last time only point 2 was satisfied. Points 1 and 3 would be easy in off-camera times..

        I think the best solution to fulfill all the three points is to have a Neosteel sports chastity belt. A thong cable allows the belt to sit very tightly. And with thicker steel than MySteel, the belt will be secure! Not to mention the Neosteel design, which utilizes single crotch part, not two as with MySteel.

        Also someone already mentioned the numbered seal wires, that would defintely boost the security and credibility. Perhaps one of the members could supervise the cleaning breaks when the seal needs to be cut and a new applied? :-) Also, date and time should show in the clips… And time-lapse videos!

        Surely Neosteel would require a perfect fit and a settling in period (perhaps she could practise at home?). The MySteel belt Donna wore last time was, in my opinion, too loose. Partly because MySteel design is just not good (the crotch part is in two pieces).

        How about other belts like Carrara? That’s a bulky belt… And even the waistband is not secure as it sits so high on the sides and so low in the front.. Some bending and off the belt comes – or at least some space for prying fingers!

        FancySteel? Too experimental and not secure (yet) as the webmaster already commented.

        I like where this site is going – to serious chastity belt wear! Ultimately, if you can satisfy my 3 points, wow, I can’t describe!

    • Donna may have lost or gained weight. I want a perfect belt. She deserves something new if she is going to be locked in it for 6 months. But in case of emergency, if things don’t work out, I will use the red belt.

      • Intermittent Subscriber says:

        Will be subscribing again soon, there’ve just been too many good updates!

        On the topic of Donna coming back, I really hope we can have more focus on the frustration aspect. The update when she embarrassedly admitted (whilst wearing the plug for the second time) that she wanted to touch herself, but couldn’t, was amazing. The update afterwards where you could see her trying to masturbate through the belt was pretty great too.

        But in general, just more of her /talking/ honestly about how hard it is to adapt to going without release would be awesome. If she finds it embarrassing, so much the better :D

  4. if donna is coming back, you definitely have to get a Carrera belt for her. I’ve been on the site for a long time, and you’ve only done 1 Carrera update AFAIK (#300); I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the Carrera belt again! Love all belted girls, but the inescapable and secure Carrera has to be the hottest belt out there. This belt from FancySteel is probably #2.

  5. So angry! It must be a challenge to film her with the chastity belt on. :)

    I see that this FancySteel belt is a little too flexible to protect 100%. Would it not be possible to short the wires that hold the crotch shield in place?

    • Yes it is possible to shorten the wires, I already did that, but they needed more tweaking. These FancySteel belts are in prototype stage, the flexible wire is not going to be 100% secure, as the crotch part will always be able to move.

  6. Does Donna know EVERYBODY is looking forward to her return.
    I sure am!!!!.
    Sorry Victoria i have not said a word about your shoot, besides your amazing figure, i have to say you look even better wearing this jewel of an belt, nothing more nothing less, an absolute jewel.
    To bad it is not secure otherwise it would have been the one to beat.

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