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English dialogueFriday!! The final day of Kacie & Roxy’s Chastity Deal! School has never been so interesting! They would get their cash after school, so there was no way they would be giving up now, no matter what I would add to their predicament that day!
You guessed this one too: thigh bands of course! Perfect chastity gear for school girls, because of the uniform skirts! Well, it turned out to be a little harder because Kacie’s skirt did not fit over the thigh bands so she had to go find another skirt, and the noise of the thigh band chains is incredibly loud, so they would have to move very slowly and quietly. Although the quietness had gone out of the window anyway since the installation of the vibrating plugs!!
The girls were so happy with the plugs under their belts, it did not really matter what else they would have to wear. They were turning the speed up and down all time, exclaiming little cute yelps of pleasure, and the dangling remotes even activated themselves when the girls would bang into things.
After school, they were happy to receive the keys to all of this gear, and they unlocked themselves… tired, but relieved. They had some very deep skin marks from the tight chastity gear, but they were ok, and so happy they made it!! The only thing they regretted was that they weren’t plugged anymore. Much to my surprise, they decided to KEEP the vibrators! That was NOT in the Deal! But I let them have the pink vibrating plugs. They had earned them. What a week, possibly the best Deal I ever filmed, with two incredibly funny girls! Thanks Kacie and Roxy, hope to see you back again soon!

Included in the member downloads: a funny outtake video scene of Kacie and Roxy swinging their dangling remote controls around by moving their hips :-)

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  1. Only judging by the updates, these girls seemed to have pretty remarkable attitudes.

  2. Thank you for the outtake clip. That was pretty funny, especially the last couple of seconds.

  3. young-engr says:

    Yeah cool we loved it. They are kinda a couple it seems from highlighting their names and googling but sorry you two lack skill and rythm. I skimmed ine if you together. Your not kim Kardashian bad but if you take constructive criticism and want to have fun maybe have an actual course while in chastity. It does help with patience and keeps from getting distracted maybe. Kacie to have a friendship you have to be a friend girl.

  4. young-engr says:

    And we want to know where you got those toys?

  5. I’d be glad to see Kacie & Roxy back any time, those two are sooooo cute!!

  6. I apologize in advance, this comment has nothing to do with this update.

    Donna’s return is fantastic news. I don’t know which way you’re leaning but I do know the lead time required for a custom belt order so I thought I’d leave this comment now.

    Just thinking out loud, a Fancy Steel with silicone liner or a Neosteel with a numbered wire as photos or videos are both very rare. Of course, whatever you choose, either of those or something different, it will make for beautiful updates.

    As always, Christmas comes every Wednesday and Friday. As always, I’ve never been happier to be a member of something.

  7. They certainly liked the last two days … you have opened a new world to them … maybe they will return when the vibrators break :)

  8. It nearly is a sad moment when they get the key and undo all that gear. Hope to see them back some day.

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