chastity belt 

English dialogueYou guessed it: Wednesday is collar day at Chastity Belt College! An easy day, you might think. But don’t forget about the gear they are already wearing! Roxy’s chest is still getting squeezed by her tight chastity bra, and she is about to give up! Kacie has to make every effort to keep her friend in the game!
First, the duo is worried about what the teachers may say about the collars, the only piece of gear so far that will be visible. Surprisingly, it is Roxy who tells Kacie is won’t be so noticeable. She suggests trying the collars to see if they can be hidden by their shirts and ties. Unfortunately, the collars are very visible, and they only discover this after they have locked them onto each other! This will be a hard day at school!
After school, Roxy tells Kacie that she can’t make it for two more days. But it seems the reason is not the tight chastity bra! Roxy is getting frustrated, she can’t touch her nipples, or her pussy! She really didn’t expect that she would be so frustrated by this metal gear! And Kacie has to agree… they are both getting quite horny and there isn’t going to be any relief until Friday after school!! Very hard for these young girls who usually masturbate several times a day!
I knew I had to do something special for these girls on Thursday, to let them have a little pleasure! Stay tuned to find out what the girls will find on the little table the next morning before school! You will love it!

10 comment(s) to “Kacie & Roxy – Wednesday”

  1. Thursday and Friday? That’s still 2 days, the length of a weekend. Remember when you had Natalia plugged for 48 hours. That’s too much for these girls especially after 3 days of prier frustration. Its gotta be vibrators

  2. Vibrating eggs on Thursday! :)

  3. Or at the very least, one day plugged, front or back at their choice.
    Double-plugged might be a bit much, so let them choose !
    It might be interesting to see WHO chooses WHAT !

  4. Stephen Miletus says:

    The question is, which is more frustrating for the belt-wearer: ben-wa balls or being plugged. This needs investigating.

    Hmmm. Does Natalia need to pay for her shopping habit again?

  5. A promise off pleasure. I think it more likely with a plug.

  6. Is there a mouth chastity? Mouths need protection too. These two ladies need help to avoid temptation.

  7. you bshould have done this at the end so they had the tight bands another day

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