chastity belt 

English dialogueThe next day, Kacie had a little secret to tell Roxy: she DID read the contract, but didn’t mention the part where ‘some gear would be added each day’ to Roxy, as it was already hard enough to convince her school friend to sign the Chastity Deal contract.
Roxy was very surprised to have to come back to the studio before school, where two chastity bras were already waiting for this cute duo! Now remember, Kacie may seem to take it all very lightly, but she doesn’t have any experience with additional chastity gear either. All she did was wear a belt once. Both schoolgirls have to strip again (this time from the waist up) to lock themselves in chastity bras.
Roxy’s boobs are a little bigger than Kacie’s, so the bra is very tight on her. She does have a nipple piercing, but that is no problem when wearing a chastity bra. Poor Roxy squeezes herself into the bra, with a little help from Kacie, and padlocks prevent them from taking them off again until the weekend!
After school, Roxy is really down (again), and thinks the chastity bra is the most uncomfortable thing she has ever worn! Kacie has to try to convince her friend to continue with this Deal. Not easy, since Roxy now knows something will be added each day for the next 3 days! Will they make it?


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  1. CB Locker says:

    New gear everday? Please let it be shackles too!

  2. i think nest should be thigh bands and dual plugs the last day

  3. There appears to be an interesting sub-layer to this story. Roxy complains about the situation only for Kacie to calmly explain that she is wearing the same things and she is fine, which causes Roxy to relent.

    But both items that Roxy is wearing appear tighter fitting than Kacie’s.

    If it’s coincidental, it’s amusing. If it’s deliberate, it’s downright devious. Either way, it’s definitely interesting.

  4. Wow, Kacie&Roxy looks absolutely gorgeous! I think a collar (maybe with a chain connecting everything the girls wear already) would be a great addition for next, it stay hidden under the shirt but also add to the restricted feeling. For the last day here is my “two cents”: Dominique-dressed as a teacher and equipped the same chastity gear- may take this beautiful girls for a walk on leash. If the two will be plugged that would be super-awsome.

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