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English dialogueBelting famous UK glamour star Hannah Claydon (or at least trying to keep her belted) was amazing. I couldn’t believe I pulled that off. It made me believe I could just ask anyone!! So I did.
When I saw the twitter account of Emma Green, UK page 3 model and big boobed glamour star, I just asked her how she would feel about wearing a chastity belt. Amazingly, she was very interested in my offer!! I asked her to come over for a Casting session, just to try a belt, and to make her case for you (the members).
Emma Green looks stunning in her white dress, but even better when she takes it off to reveal the rigid style chastity belt! This was just a Casting session, but I told her she ask YOU if she can come back for a 3-day Chastity Deal later this year. So please watch the video clip to hear Emma Green explain why you should invite her back! She even got a little nervous about it! I think she was very excited, it was a new experience for her. I’m curious if this glamour star can make it through a 3-day Deal! We all know Hannah Claydon couldn’t (she tried, bless her), but maybe Emma will be the first UK glamour model to complete a Deal!!
Do you want her back? Comment below!


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  1. A beautiful woman asking for approval to be belted for 3 days. Can’t envision a scenario where I would say no. I think her comments on the situation as it progresses would be interesting to hear.

  2. her 3-day challenge is a definite YES as far as I’m concerned ! Even more so if Dominique could be the person who puts the belt on her…

  3. There is a Swedish high jumper called Emma Green. Get her if you can!!!

    This Emma Green is welcome back too!

    Emma Green (high jumper) website:

  4. jason collins says:

    Oh yes,she would make a lovely addition to rest of your ‘girls’

  5. This is asking for the obvious, HELL YEAH!!!!!.
    Of course, we all want to see wearing this belt for 30 days, oops…, 3 days.

  6. Is Emma using the same belt as Natalia used a short while ago? They look simular.

    • I have dozens of belts of this model. I doubt it is the same one, because Natalia has her own.

    • Its adjustable so it can be sized for any one up to its intended capacity. But like with Isabel, you have it cinched up pretty tight on Emma here accept that was a custom ergonomic style. I wonder if its interchangeable with one of the older belts before the block lock was added…you could custom make a waist band.

  7. Emma, please come back for a 3 day belting. You should be belted for as long as you want!

  8. slavelabor says:

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  9. Why wouldn’t we want her back? Seems like a no-brainer to me!

  10. I would love to have her back because she looks amazing. However,to come back, she must do a vaginal plug for 36 hours or have a double plugged belt on for 24 hours. It would be possible after what others have done before.

  11. ChastityLover says:

    Of course we want you!

  12. Yes, definitely a yes!

    And I support “tyler” for a part of the time plugged.
    That could be a good reason to have some of the chastitybelts with detatchable plugs.

    On that note, not sure I like the white acrylic ones, since they’re so smooth, and have such a large base. Should have more structure, and a base that won’t risk widening the girls when worn for a longer duration.
    And, a smaller base could possibly aleviate some of the pains when they move around, since it should give their holes less to acomodate, and more “space” to move around when the girls move themself.

    Anyway, Emma Green for chastitybabe :)


    • A partial plugged challenge is a great idea, the first 24 hours, then having Emma walking around frustrated, not being able to do anything about it could be fun to watch ( please ad outdoor scenes ).
      Ed, if possible see through clothing.

  13. Yes, it is good Idea, take Back Emma – but with double dildo :o))

  14. I hope she comes back and signs a deal too

  15. I want her back!

  16. ChastityLover says:

    I would love to see Emma back on a 3 day deal. Since she’s new, perhaps give her the option of some challenges, including a 12 hour plug, outdoor lunch adventure, shopping trip, or wrists cuffed to belt. They could be bonus challenges for more money. As always, I love when the belts go on tightly.

  17. Like almost anyone reading this page I’d say yes for the 3 days challenge and, of course, plug challenges (24 hours vaginal and 12 hours both)

  18. Great idea but would like it to be a full set with thigh bands and Bra.

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