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What could be better than locking a Chastity Babe in a belt? Well, how about having one Chastity Babe locking up another Chastity Babe? In a rare Latowski belt! That’s right, we have now officially hired Dominique to be our shoot assistant. She is locked in her chain style chastity belt 24/7, and the keys are kept by Francis (her mom). Of course, we don’t believe that Dominique is really in the belt all the time, but even if she isn’t, she has been locked in it for months and months in the past 2 years, which makes her our most experienced Chastity Babe!

The funniest part of this update is probably the look on Jenni C’s face when she wonders about Dominique’s chastity belt. She walks in on the shoot and Dominique is already belted? Jenni can not believe how Dominique moves around in her belt and talks about it like it is the most normal thing in the world. To add to the surprise, Dominique has the Latowski female chastity belt and bra laid out for Jenni C!

After the superb fit on Natalia Forrest, we are curious what this outfit will look like on our other Chastity Babes, because it is not adjustable at all. Jenni C seems to be the obvious choice, she has a killer body that should be perfect! After some discussion with Dominique, Jenni reluctantly locks herself in the clam shell belt and the shapely bra. Dominique helps her with the bra padlock and even cleans the whole outfit to make it super shiny!

There are no keys (Francis has Dominique’s keys, and we have the Latowksi keys), so the pair decides to go off to have a drink elsewhere in our building (they wanted to go out, but they changed their minds). Jenni C was in the Latowski outfit for a few hours, and Dominique… she came and left in her belt. We will try to find out more about her wearing schedule soon!


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  1. David Sellmon says:

    Ah, so great to see Dominique again :3

    I love the way a long term chastity babe just fully accepts the belt as a part of her live and how you can notice this in every single movement (but I know that opinions are diverging here, team belt-fighters vs. team belt-accepters ore something like that).

    I’m just wondering, what about the fully adjustable rigid style belt which her mother had her to try on once? Didn’t she like it? Could it be that Francis didn’t adjust it properly? I would love it if you could offer one more testing with this belt on Dominique, this time snugly adjusted. Even if she doesn’t want to sign a contract, maybe she will spend a lot of time in it and you could do some every-day-life-situations shots with her in the new belt, just in the style of the old Dominique shots!

  2. David Sellmon says:

    BTW, just out of curiosity, if she states to wear the belt so much, what are her objections to a contract of 1 or 2 months? It seems like she could earn some money with what she is doing anyway.

  3. David Sellmon says:

    Sorry for spamming your site so much, I just want to add that I love the idea of having an experienced long term chastity babe assisting in the casting shoots. I also like how Dominique wears the belt casually under some clothes and does not strip, while the visual focus is on the freshly belted girl. Maybe this is some format where you can please a wider range of members with different preferences.

  4. boman61 says:

    Is it possible that we ever would see Dominique belted together with her mother Francis?
    I think that would be a trilling experience both for Francis and for us.

  5. Good to hear about how those two are doing. Both are super hot and Dominique is always a ray with her smile. She’s so cheerful. And how about that lingerie huh? I just hope her mom is doing right by her. It seams a waste for such stunning girls to be denied even her wet dreams. And what can we say about Jenni?

    • Also why doesn’t any one ever comment on your cloths and how good you look in them as well as out of them? And on that other note about her “wearing schedule” Could you also inquire on the term of sentence (why she wears the belt) and/or conditions and requirements of removal (either short or long term)? Does she still wear it at home or just to go out, if it is 24/7 what sort of allowances can she have, The things we all wonder about.

  6. Ingemar says:

    I loved to hear their dialogue, two belted girls talking to each other in a language I understand.

  7. young_engr says:

    Wow. No no girl can wear all the time with uncovered chains across her backside and as people have pointed out she doesnt have a chastity tan line! Still this is an aweasome change from the pseudo S&M with a girl take on chastity. Real cute girls an dominique as the mistress of ceremonies!

  8. young_engr says:

    i am probably joining.

  9. Hmm… what about a chastity deal in the latowski belt?

  10. so when are we going to see the footage of them at the club dressed like this ?….I would double my subscription fees for such videos

  11. young_engr says:

    If Dominique gets a hygiene upgrade, covered chains and some help with cleaning, I would join. It isn’t right for her to have to be cleaned by her mother and as often as she wears someone should invest some effort in her comfort.

    Awesome shoot!!!!!
    I am only one person but I think that you should do that for her anyways.

  12. PLEASE take this kind of shooting to MB and BB too – PLEASE

  13. Do you accept and forward gifts addressed to your models?

  14. I think the biggest problem for a chastity chalenge with either of these two is the money it would cost…they’re both just too hot and too well known (just google them)to sell their “freedom” cheaply ;-)
    Regardless of that, I’d love to see Jenni in a 5 day contract tightly locked into the latowski belt and Dominique holding the key while taking her to nightclubs and stuff… just dreaming

  15. The belt I’d like to see is the hip model activ from my-steel! The short front looks good and the wire back is really cute.

  16. This is insane. One of the most beautiful girls in the world belting another one of the most beautiful girls in the world in the rarest female belt in the world! OMG, shut up and take my money. Joining now.

  17. Just out of curiosity: If Dominique wanted to hook up with any one of us, What are her moms views on male chastity?

  18. You don’t need to be kinky nor a priest, nun, monk, rulers/crusaders wife or otherwise celibate to reap the benefits of a solid chastity belt as this scene shows. Not every one plans to go out and get laid on the same night.

    Belting your self is simply a way of protecting yourself. Its an aid when your will isn’t strong enough or an iron clad excuse instead of saying you just not interested. All you need is a safe place to leave the keys or a good friend to hold on to them and your all set!

    I’m sure most of the fans favor the authenticity of having girls on this site who don’t just model in them, but have one in their personal lifestyle. I don’t mean to sound intrusive because such detail is purely voluntary but I’m sue the fans would be very much fascinated to hear what is and isn’t allowed.

  19. I guess what I’ve been failing to ask all this time is how celibate she really is. Or is that’s over stepping my bounds.

  20. There’s an idea. Looking for more models who are either looking to buy a belt of their own or who already wear one often.

    • I mean couldn’t you film some more of the ones who own a a belt and wear it daily if not 24/7 since their doing it any way?

  21. a sexy hot panties, more of it

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