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English dialogueThese preview pictures don’t really do this update justice (members, please comment below), as Natalia Forrest proves once again that she is one of the funniest, most genuine, and sweetest persons on the face of this planet! Anyone else would have killed me in these 48 hours, but not Natalia, she took this as a real challenge, and she somehow managed to make it!
It was fantastic to see her reaction when I told her the 48 hours were over. ‘Go sit on the bed and I will give you the keys’, I said. Natalia was jumping all over the place, I’ve never seen anyone so excited! Only when she started taking off her chastity gear, I realised how tight everything had been. Natalia had a lot of marks, especially around her boobs, on her waist and between her butt (from the anal opening). Seeing the 4-ball steel plug reappear after 2 days was a true sight to behold, and Natalia’s reaction was so priceless!
She was so happy it was over! She had been on maximum frustration level during the whole Chastity Deal (well, maybe not the first few hours), she did not have any sleep, she was on edge for 2 days straight! The unforgiving plug was sometimes at a bad angle, causing some discomfort untill she moved her pelvis again. But most of the time, the plug gave her a feeling she couldn’t deal with! There was no way to get an orgasm, as she explains in this video, but the arousal was always there, she was literally wet for 2 days! The plug was covered in a sticky mess, and all Natalia wanted was a bath! A good long bath!! Oh, and her money of course… haha, she is just one of a kind!!


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  1. Natalia is funny! Forgot the plug when she got the keys and afterwards, almost her money.

    Would have been fun to hear if she said YES, if Webmaster let her get to bathe and offered additional 24 hours with only belt!

  2. “I´ll ever have to wear this again”, let´s guess our sweety is back in three month for something new? A short deal for just a few hours with two plugs?

  3. Natalia, this website and it’s content deserve the rarest compliment you could give something on the Internet…. They are genuine!

    Preview pics can’t possibly do that justice. Thank you both for doing this.

    Careful what you wish for Natalia, if you hope not to have that plug again, in the future, maybe you get a different plug, or a different area plugged. :)

    The spring fashions will be out in a couple of months…. See you again soon Natalia. :D

  4. This 48 hour challenge has been the longest 48 hours i have ever experienced. They started on october 1 st and ended today december 5th, just over two months! Funny way you count time in Holland!

    But it has been great fun and Natalia is (by far) your sexiest model, with or without chastitygear! And i hope for her return in the near future. Merry christmas and happy new year Natalia!
    (I doubt the money will last until christmas. She will be back before easter!)

  5. Another challenge: plugged and belted for ? hours without clock until she requests release. No money if released early, but she will not know when the required period has ended.

  6. My sub has the same belt with the same plug, and I challenged her to see if she could have an orgasm belted just like Natalia. All girls are different with different sensitivities, but in my girls case she was able to have an extremely intense orgasm, but it was a double edged sword. The moment the orgasm wound down, she found she was almost paralyzed since she was so overly sensitized the slightest movement caused her to erupt into an other orgasm. Since I control her orgasms she removed the belt before she had more than she was allowed. It might be interesting to Natalia (or other model?) to know that it is possible to have a “treat” while like this, knowing that if she did manage it, she might not be able to stop cuming till the belt came off :)

  7. ChastityLover says:

    Oh Natalia is so cute and sexy! I love all of her updates and challenges. I agree that this is one of the best. She looks so lovely and happy talking about her experience in the belt with the plug. I know she was happy to be out, but I think she was going to miss the challenge of the constant stimulation. She fondled that plug so lovingly at the end…

    Natalia, don’t stay away long. I like so many of the models here, but you are definitely the favorite that I love.

    You have such a great personality showing on the videos, and even the still photos. Keep thrilling us with these wonderful shoots!

  8. a great feature on your site, if possible make it for longer time than 48 hours

  9. i want to see someone double plugged

  10. Will Natalia be staying more often in the Netherlands now that most bondage/fetish film and internet production has been banned in the UK by the censors?

    Whilst it is terrible to see UK production dwindle or disappear it may be a net positive if we see more of Natalia in chastity!

  11. She is so cute. Next time she must be double plugged for the complete experience.

  12. ChastityLover says:

    Perhaps Natalia can wear the plugged belt on a shopping trip – doing two of the things she loves at the same time! What a great challenge that would be.

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