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ScotlandMany of you wanted to see the hot Scottish blonde Leah back in chastity. She did very well on her first Casting, although she seemed a little shy.
I needed someone to test the new FancySteel, so I invited Leah back! Of course, this new Australian chastity belt brand had already been tested by the lovely Cindy Dollar, but this time I added the rear opening plate to see if this belt could be suitable for a long term Chastity Deal.
The FancySteel belt is an easy to use bare metal belt (pvc lining is available as an option), so I let Leah belt herself after she was done wondering what device I had prepared for her on the little table. Leah is still a bit shy, and won’t question anything she is told to do. She is very pretty, and she looks incredible in a chastity belt. She even hands over the keys without protesting, knowing she will only be unlocked if I decide it is time.
She was going to be locked in the FancySteel for at least 5 or 6 hours, enough for me to see how she moved around and if it is secure enough. We had a great afternoon drinking very black tea in the studio, and I even convinced her to take a nap in the studio bed. Check back tomorrow to see a bonus video clip of this wonderful blonde girl locked in bare metal! Leah is ready for a long Deal, I just hope you agree! Let me know in the comments, and I will draft Leah a contract she can’t refuse!

Check back tomorrow for a bonus update with Leah in FancySteel!

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  1. ChastityLover says:

    Leah is so beautiful in that tight belt!

    As for having her in a long deal – you don’t have to ask about that. You know what we like, the longer the deal, the better we like it. We were spoiled with Amarantha. Are we getting control of the keys for Leah’s long deal?

    Please say YES!!!

  2. A longer challenge would be fantastic, and this is a great belt, but I think that the lining would be a good idea.
    All I can say is “wow”… she definitely needs to be belted for a longer period ! Leah is beautiful, especially in her belt.

  3. Yes, Leah in a long deal would be a wonderful thing. And you say you can offer her a contract she can’t refuse? How intriguing!

  4. That slut should be belted with the keys destroyed. She looks like she touches herself too often. She should also have a plug in her and a bra with tne thigh spreader

    • Please be a little more respectful. Thank you.

    • If it is your fantasy to say and do these things, I wouldn’t begrudge you that. However if you watch the videos and read the comments you’ll see that there is no abuse here, verbal or otherwise.

      Everyone wants to be appreciated and respected for the work they do. Because the models know that this site’s fans appreciate and respect them, some of them sign long deals, do difficult challenges, even put their release up for vote. I don’t think anyone here wants that to change.

      I think most of the fans here would appreciate it if you could help us keep a good thing going.

  5. slavelabor says:

    Shes adorable, give the keys to Donna

  6. I’ll be far more kind than a previous commenter. Leah, it’s okay to be shy. Just be beautiful and graceful. You’re a beautiful girl, and very hot in the FancySteel belt. If you adjust to wearing this belt with little or no difficulty, I think FancySteel is the way to go for future chastity babes. Shy, submissive, and beautiful is what I want in a Chastity Babe.

  7. Fancysteel says:

    It’s very great

  8. Fancysteel-qq-1745206574 says:

    Fancysteel is the best

  9. That type of belt seems to fit very well.

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