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As we are receiving about 3 or 4 applications from girls every week, we are not having any problems adding more girls to the Chastity Babes page. This should give you a wide range of girls to choose from! If you are a member, don’t hesitate to email us to request a Challenge or a Deal for any of your favorite Babes!
We know (of course) that most girls are only writing us to make some cash, but there’s always something more to it. This week’s girl, Leah, is a tiny gorgeous blonde girl from the UK who wrote us in a very hesitant way. It took months to get her to our studio, and she was very shy and nervous! She wanted to back out of this Casting shoot a few times, and we would have let her, but somehow she found the courage to go through with it.
We made her sign a contract to be locked for 6 hours (the shoot only took an hour or so), because we were afraid she would try to make up some excuse right after shooting. This was such a big step for her! It’s incredible to see someone finding the courage to go through with something like this.
As far as we’re concerned, Leah doesn’t have any reason to be shy, she looks incredible in a chastity belt! After she puts on her cute shorts, top, and shoes, it’s almost impossible to notice she is belted, she just looks like the innocent tiny Leah again! We would love to get her for a long term Deal, but it will take a lot of convincing! You can help, of course! If you want her back, please leave gentle and encouraging comments below!


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  1. Member.

    Cute, lovely body, long hair (that can allways be longer, mind you), looks gorgeous in a chastitybelt. Hesitant, but brave. Yeah, I´d love to see her for a nice two weeks chastity-deal, if possible.

    Maybe even one of the days plugged? Hope that doesn´t scare her off, but 10-14 days, with her. I think I´d like daily updates on that XD

    Looking forward to seeing more of lovely Leah.

  2. I’d say, she definitely looks nice. But why do the girls always have to show their breasts? In my eyes she would look a lot more attractive with a nice bra, and maybe a short pleated skirt. (A chastity belt and shorts is about the most boring combination, one could think of, isn’t it?)

    I think I will soon become a member again, just waiting till Christmas!! ;-)

    hugs, D.

    • hm… I like girls with nothing on but a belt… there’s a certain irony to that…. naked girls always look like… well, they’re ready to go… but unfortunately – they can’t.
      Oh yes, and this one looks great… so horny.. and yet so innocent… with a forced innocence….yeah, I like that ;-) :) :)

  3. fight-the-belt says:

    Let’s see. “Gentle and Encouraging.”

    I love that troubled furrowing of her brow–she’s uncertain about this, probably trying to deny that it’s a bit scary and uncomfortable, but that lock and the tightness of it are very difficult to ignore. It’s not coming off until the keyholder shows up.

    She’s lovely, and she’ll make a nice addition to the beauty contained on this site. I’d say go for it, push her a little, and watch the graceful and emotive loveliness that follows.

  4. Could you persuade more ladies to try plugged chastity?

  5. Yet another beautiful new model: It looks like you’re awakening an entire community not just of paying members but of everyone intrigued about chastity belts. I mean how many women (and men) out there are willing to model in these things? And how many more or fewer members are watching? Also how are sales on chastity belts?

    How far to push: Well you already have several regulars at least one or two residents To talk her into it. And obviously you can’t wait around a week at a time to see what the members decide. So you would have to use your own judgement and go based on what they’ve already requested.

  6. Hi. Very nice Leah. Thank you for trying chastity and satisfying your curiosity. Is there any chance you’d be willing to try 24 hours next time? It sounds like exploring chastity some more might be fun, but just remember to ease into it at your own rate (regarding challenges, etc.) no matter what anyone says and remember to have fun. If it’s not fun it’s not worth it. Enjoy!

  7. yes another beautiful model who looks good in a belt how about a possible update with Dominique as cosplay girls

    • I know it’s last minute but on the topic of cosplay this month: everyone knows how early Americans used to guard their families like Fort Knox. especially the honor of their daughters. Wouldn’t that be good cosplay/ role play?

  8. Very cute girl. I think a long chastity deal is definitely in order.

    • Wonderful girl with a perfect body; very exciting to see her belted in several positions.
      How would lehah behave herself wearing a belt equipped with a vaginal stainless steel plugs?
      I am wandering if we might sometime see leah wearing a plugged belt and wandering with the plug locked to non sliding mode in the slot.

  9. another great shoot, i will probably continue my subscription

  10. It would be great if you could persuade Leah to wear a plugged chastity belt taking pictures of her when she lock herself in thee plugged belt and during the indsertion ot the plug in her marvellous body.

  11. ChastityLover says:

    Leah, you look fabulous in chastity! Thank you for giving us such a treat. Your wonderful photos are a treasure and give great value to my subscription.

    I would love to see you back for another shoot, regardless of the length. The metal suits you well and looks so good with your beautiful complexion. Please, give us more!

  12. Kind and encouracing comment ;)

    No, seriously. We don’t want to see routined porn models making just an another posing. But a chaste and innocent young woman to whom this really means something.

    Definately wanna see YOU exploring yourself again!

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